[UPDATED AUG. 18] Time Runs Short: Battle for Azeroth

I don’t think the invasions are going away as there are a good number of mounts, toys, and pets tied to them and if Blizzard had plans on removing them they would be on the list above.

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We would’ve needed this warning ages ago for anyone trying for this to have a shot. I expected it, but there are simply achievements not worth pursuing.


Stop retiring things. Make them more difficult. Don’t make them impossible.


Mad world title and the black serpent are two completely separate things. You don’t need to solo to get the mount.

Just the corruption resistance (from equipping corrupted gear) is going away. The Sanity drain resistance will remain on the cloak along with the stat proc.

Also they haven’t given a date true, but if they’re putting out a warning alert like this, it’s likely the pre-patch drop date is a month or less out from now.

You’ll be able to join Island Expeditions and Warfronts, even after Shadowlands goes live.


That seems extremely unlikely considering it’s a Q4 release, and likely late Q4 at that.

Agreed, what purpose does it serve?


Oct 13 is the most likely prepatch date imo.

Every MMO does this, it triggers FOMO and gets people playing.


Likely be a late Oct release at the latest. We’re already almost into Aug. It’s not as unlikely as you might think.

Remember we usually get a month to a month and a half of pre-patch time on average.

Is there going to be final nerfs for Ny’alotha for those players who still progessing?

Nah, not oct release, most likely Nov 10, 17th at the latest.

6 months of testing, 3 months of beta, oct 13 prepatch, 4 weeks of prepatch, nov 10 release.


I dread 8.3 grind, ugh.

I want the mounts so I will sucumb. I also want my uncorrupted voidwing, Brutosaur i dont really care about nor the rank 4 essences.


Is the stupid title the only reason they wouldn’t let us buy R3 essences from the vendor without having had them?


Ehhh Kelaini (possible misspell) has been looking into this pretty extensively and Nov release doesn’t make any sense unless it was extremely early Nov (also unlikely due to holidays).

Latest I’d give it…absolute latest…is just after the Halloween event. Even then it still puts us at around a mid Sep pre-patch time.

Remember, pre-patch doesn’t mean they stopped doing beta testing on Shadowlands.

Can you please Pin this @ the top in the forum thread also the 4 threads relating to the covenant so we can have easy access and make sound decisions??? This would be so helpful. I replied on those threads as well to have them pinned. Please Blizz?


Idk, nov 10 seems fine to me, 16 days before thanksgiving break. And raids would launch right on dec 1st, plenty of time for 2 weeks of progression before xmax break.

And they did say prepatch can only release when beta testing is done and SL ready to release.

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Cite that source, because they’ve never said that.

Also they probably are going to time raid start-up just after the new year.

Can you tell us how much bad luck protection we get for the RNG Rank 4 essences that come from paragon boxes?? I literally just need those to achieve my title.

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