[UPDATED APRIL 27] Zone Preview: Uncover the Mysteries of Zaralek Cavern

[UPDATED APRIL 27] Zone Preview: Uncover the Mysteries of Zaralek Cavern

Gather your courage as you pursue your enemies into the dangers of this mysterious underground cavern.

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The aesthetic of the Zaralek Caverns makes me want to play some D&D.


Looks great! I’m really excited to dragonriding and races! :smiley:

Great, now can you confirm if I’ll be able to explore it and wear my pennant? Still no update on a simple toy, blizzy.


Cool! Thanks for the new content blizz!

I Hope every gear in 10.1 is upgradable and I do love this new gearing approach but I do hope every activities can earn “flightstones”.

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Looks pretty bland. Could use some vegetation.


Can’t wait to get the new wiggly dragon!


yay wiggly dragon!! XD


Where’s my darn Bronze Dust, Blizzard?!


I really (really, really) don’t enjoy playing in barren zones. I have to wonder if the caverns were a conscious choice to speed up development in order to deliver by a fixed date (even if only an internal, Blizz deadline), like couple of the never-completed zones in Vanilla.

This is all manner of fantastic fantasy. I see a lot of the dreams of a generation from past influences like WotLK and the subterranean Nerubian empire, but this is undoubtedly the excellence in execution and making it distinctly Dragonflight.

Chapter 6 is available for testing, but it requires slaying Sarkareth in the Aberrus raid to progress, and as Sarkareth will not be tested in the raid testing sessions of Patch 10.1, it is likely that this chapter won’t be testable at all.

so…does this mean we have to do the raid in order to progress the story? or is that related specifically to the testing.

sure hope this isnt another ‘forced to raid’ thing…thought we were over al lthat


looks… bland and fine at best


You don’t need to do the raid.

The final chapter is locked due to spoilers of how it ends.


ok, ty… old owman, just got off work, I read that, and went…really? just…really? lol

I just cannot do instance stuff

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I hate underground cave anything, I always get lost. :slightly_frowning_face:

according to some spoilers, the new zone is a bit bigger than zereth mortis, you’ll be fine

It’s not a rock, it’s a Rock Cobra!

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it’s just a grey cave.