[UPDATED APRIL 27] Zone Preview: Uncover the Mysteries of Zaralek Cavern

a beautiful zone, though small! I hope it has a fascinating story to boot!

Slight PTSD as the picture kinda reminded me of the Maw for a second.
Clicks Men in Black forget device thingy
Wh-what’s…the Maw again…?

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The place where halfway decent world pvp occurred lol.

Aaaaaaa this looks AMAZING! I absolutely adore giant, open underground caverns and stuff so this is right up there for me. :sparkling_heart:

…I will say though, those Sulfira kind of remind me of the Turbinid-Dragons from Made in Abyss and now my trauma is acting up again. :rofl:

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:neutral_face: Not impressed, more random irrelevant things seems like…

Why are people so obsessed with this ?

We just got out of SL with that kind of aesthetic and now we are back to it. Thanks for killing my buzz Blizzard :tired_face:

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Halo 2 vibes…
There should be one giant stalactite that you can shoot down…
If anyone is under it’s a one shot just like in that one map from halo lol.

“Hey guys stack up under it, I’ll take your picture!” :smirk:

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another volcanic cave

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I still can’t find my way around the Serpentshrine cavern… :dracthyr_nod:

Ok, that looks sick.

WOW, looks interesting and looking forward to explore it. :blush:

Sure hope one of the mole men is named Comfortable Doug. XD

Beginnings of some serious Underdark vibes from what I’ve seen.

Ok so you put a rock cobra in the cavern… You do understand how upset people will be now if you don’t also put a rock lobster in. Right? One way or another there better be a rock lobster. Somewhere, somehow, a rock lobster must be in the cave now. ROCK LOBSTAH :lobster:!!! I have spoken.

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you guys are really in love with dark and bleak landscapes aren’t you. I was pleased we got out into the sun in dragonflight but that didn’t last for long.

We need more vibrant Underground Landscapes in my opinion.

Something like Deepholm.

Zaralek Cavern is bleaker than Deepholm and only has 3 Locales: Sulfur Pools, Teal Crystal Caverns and Volcano. Dull and boring.

I wonder if they made like obstacle courses for dragonriding in there like flying boulders or falling stalagmite.

Actually I swear I heard someone mention a type of area in a cave before the expansion launched. I think I actually read inside a mountain… I thought it sounded interesting enough… but I must admit looking at pictures it is not how I envisioned it.

For starters I envisioned the map be very vertical. I mean why not take advantage of the flying aspect? Also I can’t really think of a vertical map that has been put into the game. There might be some unknown reason for this of why. Someone can correct me on that. Since I envisioned the cave being more vertical than horizontal I also thought of little tucked in nooks and crannies. More near the top of the map… if that would make sense… and really just all over.

You know what tho… I don’t doubt they have some interesting areas in this map. Or couple fun quests etc… they are usually pretty good for this. That a couple things usually tend to shine through even if another element is off. Koritha is a good example of that. The map was too small but it had a couple of good things going for it.

If I can’t tame them then I’ll be upset.

No sunlight for photosynthesis.