*Updated-5/22* World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria Now Live!

It’s exactly the same as retail. They get a baseline Yak.

Nevermind I see what you’re saying. I read Pandaria as Pandaren.

I meant the expansion. Any cool pandaria only type pets.

Do the 3 spirit porcupine special tames count?

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Can hunters tame pandas? That would be unique.

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God bless the wow petopia site.
Makes being a hunter bearable.


It is quite pawsibly the best Hunter site on the internet.


I guess I could do my own research :sweat_smile:

Honestly I’m surprised there isn’t an in-game “pokedex” for WoW hunter pets.


Ha, yeah the only Hunter pet I remember from MoP is the spectral porcupine.
Nothing else is really standing out to me.

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There’s a lot of things that would surprise you for us not to have.

An ingame hunterdex…
The ability to choose our pet’s class so I don’t need to fight for a god damn ferocity pet…

Oh the second bit makes me oh so salty.


Least they took away the revive thing so you won’t have to worry about that.

Oh, mount collecting, here I come.

So this is why No Cata Classic prepatch events. Because you are too busy making something new. Well how about you make what you got good and then move on to the next whirlygig you want to play with? Nope instead you are throwing out all kinds of new games to play to try to keep your player base but you are not doing any of those things with 100% of effort. lets throw This part of the game out there with only 50% of what it should be they will be content with that.
So how about making something worth the time with 100% of the effort it needs instead of splitting your team into 20 different teams to half adze all these different games you are creating Please.


Good lord, I don’t remember half those scenarios.

Very excited for this, but sure wish Dracthyr were eligible to take advantage of this with other classes. This would have been the perfect opportunity.

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what does this event mean? im kinda confused

Continuing the discussion from Pandamonium clarification:

So only one dracthyr will be able to be created on a realm even during this it event.

It’s not going to stop me tho, only because I can have my character join my warband in the war within and that will be about the same as being on the same realm.

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Probably gonna be doing this until TWW.

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It’s because they’re not using “scenario” as specifically the role-agnostic dungeon-alternatives MoP had that you could queue for repeatedly. They’re including the phased/instanced solo quests that used the same tech (but were always one-offs and not meant as repeatable content).

TL;DR you’re probably just not recognizing specific quest names because who even does that in a game with 100,000 quests?

(Well, that, and the launch scenarios not counting the Theramore one that served as the prepatch event were all extremely generic and underwhelming)