*Updated-5/22* World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria Now Live!

*Updated-5/22* World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria Now Live!

Relive epic adventures with an all-new event— World of Warcraft Remix: Mists of Pandaria. Experience the wonders of Pandaria anew, but with fresh new loot— and (almost) unlimited power.

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Hyped! I been looking forward to this! :dracthyr_love_animated:


Let’s gooo


What’s the current line on “more bugs than the Mantid invasion” on release?

But, yea, I’ve been waiting for this.


finally, soon i wont need to play retail anymore

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I’ll probably be done with Season 4 by then.

Can’t wait. I feel bad for anyone who still wants to push season 4, I bet lots of us are being like SEE YA! I got my KSM done this week and my awakened mount so I can focus on pandaland


Any chance we can get the dracthyr limit removed only for MoP remix content (not normal content)? I want to play through MoP remix as a dracthyr, but there’s a 1-per-server limit, and if you go to a different server, you need a pre-existing level 50 character there. This limit doesn’t make sense for the MoP remix, since all characters start at level 10.

As a new player, I’m literally locked out of playing MoP’s remix with the race and class I want to play as.


Why Thursday? I was hoping that was a typo lol. Bring it on Blizz, my loins are girded.

Crap, forgot about the one Evoker limit. I wanted to do it as Evoker first, but I don’t want to delete my current Evoker. Maybe I’ll main Horde in TWW. :confused:


Anyone know if the cape will let us solo raids? Need to know how much work i need to put in for Bones of Mannoroth token farming.

Looking forward to this.


Hopefully it releases with a minimum of bugs.




I hope this means everyone gets double jump.


Thank god you won’t need group finder to play this content…

Honestly, I don’t think they will because it’s hosted on the retail servers, the remix is just a different phase of Pandaria, we can even join our current guilds. We also get to keep the characters after the remix is over as they are removed from the Remix Phase.

That being said, they lifted the limit on DKs and DHs after their introductory expansion, I don’t see why they couldn’t do it for Evokers 1 patch early.

Right, I’m saying they should make an exception with the limit for remix characters. Otherwise, I’m not able to participate as I’m locked out of it.

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I must be having a Mandela effect moment, but I saw it slated for the 21st

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

Still not sure what class I should bring. I’m thinking hunter could be fun.

Anyone know if pandaria had any cool hunter pets? They had tigers I remember but anything else?

I’ve been waiting for this since October 21st 2011. It better be worth the wait!