[Updated 11/4] November’s Trading Post is Out of this World

I forget, if an item has ‘class’ in the descriptor, does that means only that class exclusively can use that image for mogging? cause those monk staves would still look good on my mage/lock Padnaria xmog sets.

Yes. It’s part of a “class set” transmog.

I kind of wish the mummy pet had been Octobers but I plan on getting that one


Bruh what weapon is that night elf using? i want it.

Oh man, I’m dry on tendies and I want all 3 mounts and the pet! Kind of hoping that the gryphon and wyvern aren’t split up like the post implies they are and if you buy one you get the other, otherwise that’s a really expensive month for people who play both factions. :confused:

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I really like the bow that’s listed there. I already have some tmog ideas going around it

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Eh. Still disappointed that the TP never puts out NPC exclusive models. The sets Kul Tiras NPCs wear not being available for players is criminal, and this would be the perfect way to introduce them.


These rewards are not what I would call out of this world. Pretty meh this month.


Wish we’d stop wasting slots on old TCG/promotional stuff or if they’re going to be wasted on them, put actually valuable stuff like the original collector’s edition pets. I’d even be happy with a recolor of the spectral gryphon/windrider and zhevra. Or at least updated models of them. As it stands, I’ll have roughly 3k tender just sitting around after this month because there’s nothing good to spend it on.

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I don’t think you have to pay twice. Alliance can’t use the horde one and vice versa. You pay once and get both, but both are listed to show both faction’s version. I assume they haven’t figured out a good way to show that an item changes based on faction (which seems likely due to the general half-arsed nature of the Trading Post in general).

To be fair, they would have to put in some work to allow the extra 3D bits like collars to appear on all playable races. I think currently, the collars on several Kul Trian outfits only display on humans and Kul Tirans.

They also might not be able to get things like long coats to work on all races either. They’ve been experimenting with long coat-like mogs recently, but they’ve been doing them by way of splitting them between chest and legs slots. If they were to ever allow players to use the Kul Tiran long coats for transmog, it wouldn’t surprise me if they restrict them to just humans and Kul Tirans.

However, there are still a large number of hat appearances to make available for transmog as well as a bunch of clothing items that already work on all playable races, so these should at the very least be made available to players.

Only thing I would’ve wanted is the mummy. Wish that had been in October.


Yeah, it varies pretty widely what would actually be ready out of the gate. A lot of the belts and boots are what appeal to me personally. The belt with the pistol holstered in it, for example. That’d be great for Outlaw rogues.

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No turkey mount or even just a turkey pet.
Biggest letdown of November’s trading post.


Posting in the duplicate thread my feedback is the same. What are you doing to WoW Blizzard this is sad?!

Step it up BlizZard.

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Not sure they could ever top the Thanksgiving Day pet that cooks itself in campfires.

Would be funny if we got some little Pilgrims or Natives though.

I disagree. Buy the one that’s offered to you if you want a mount that badly.

I bet you don’t even use a single mount that you’ve gotten from the trading post besides maybe the Netherwing drake.

Warrior and monk weapons for me this month.

Not even a fan of the cloak/scarf/hood colors, what an awful and weird color to match with. Need more dark blue, gray, forest green, maroon, etc.

It’s literally free for just playing the game. You don’t need incentive to fill the bar because you’ll fill it without even looking at it by just playing normally throughout the month.

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I disagree with you disagreeing and that’s final!!