Update: Earthfury Pop Growing - Blizard is Listening! Come to our server, help EF grow!


Our full guild transferred due to queues and now we are being punished because the player base is stubborn. We took the risk and are paying for it. I do NOT want to pay actual money to move into a more populated server because this was Blizz’s only option for us to not wanting to sit in queues for hours. Please allow us to server transfer into a medium pop server if possible.

INB4 “you shouldn’t have rolled on Herod”. All servers were extremely overpopulated until late into the first weekend when Blizz finally added more servers. Most of us were making it work, we were able to level and invest quite a bit of time into our characters. When given the option to move, we did so its not like we are doing this to ourselves. We are trying to have a good Classic WoW experience, but I think this low pop is killing the guild morale and most either don’t want to play or are splitting up on different servers.

I would just like some communication from the Blizz team on their thoughts on this specific matter. Thanks!


You guys were too impatient and left Herod because you couldn’t wait in queue and now you guys are too impatient and can’t wait for the server to fill up.
My advice, pick an established server and deal with queues or deal with a dead server. The population is going to shrink either way. At least on Herod the shrinking wouldn’t lead to dead realms.


This. Earthfury has been open for less than a week. It will stabilize one way or another, just have to give it time. But rushing off is only making it worse for everyone else.

Eitherway, leave or stay via a merger or more transfer offers, the server will stabilize. If any of you have been left behind from guilds who want to leave, feel free to reach out to me for guild information, or reach out to one of the other solid guilds already forming here.


I could be wrong here but based on the blue post about these free server transfers to Earthfury, it was only open until the end of last weekend. How were we impatient if we only had a couple days to decide?

As mentioned some of us were making Herod work, but a lot of the other guildies were not. Majority rules. I also don’t think it’s outlandish to be frustrated about the situation when we still haven’t heard from Blizz on the concerns from users that did transfer. I would be happy to hear their thoughts or plans for the future.

If I knew they were going to merge Earthfury with a different server or offer free transfers at a later date, then I will continue to play with no issues. I am trying to be optimistic about the situation and honestly your comment isn’t very constructive to the situation.


I doubt blizzard is able to say they’re trying to mitigate how many servers they put up because they’re trying to stall until player turnover stabilizes, but maybe they need to if people can’t figure out why they’re so reluctant to roll out new servers.


Blizzard adding 3 more realms - Thalnos, Kirtonos, Kromcrush - 11AM Wednesday.


This is good news hopefully more join!


Update 9/10:

Mad props to blizzard so far for adding 3 more realms funneling into Earthfury.
The server is growing and the free transfers will help immensely!

Please check out for another update from the Forums

To all those considering: Come to our sever, Help EF grow!!


YAY!! I’m so HAPPY!!!


Me and my two friends joined today from Skeram!


Had steady groups in rfk and 2 sm gy groups. There were alliance messing with us at sm too which is a good sign. …even thou their skills at pvp were severely lacking.
EF is fine


This is good. I am very glad they are opening more realms to transfer from! I think after this, Earthfury will be in good if not better standing. Thank you Blizz for working on this.


This is what I’ve been waiting for. Looks like I’ll be transfering to Heartseeker with 4 friends today. Thank you Blizz.


Myself and two buddies just moved from Kirtonos.


and 1 week later the server is fine, maybe give it some time next go around


Still no groups man. It’s better you mean. But definitely not fine.


You’re expecting every server to be Herod/Faerlina/etc. If you want that kind of experience then go deal with the queues.


im seeing groups but its not even near peak hours yet.


I’ve had groups for everything I’ve tried to do. It’s you. Learn to form groups.


Just transferred last night from Skeram. Goodbye ques, hello Earthfury!