Upcoming Unholy Death Knight Tuning – March 29

We’ll be making the following change to increase the performance of Unholy Death Knights in next week’s realm maintenance.


Death Knight

  • Unholy
    • All damage increased by 5%.

See the full list of the upcoming class tuning changes here.


Finally fixed. Thank god.

Only 5%? Its already around 20% behind the top.


Appreciate the buff. It could probably be raised to 10% and not affect standings much. Unholy doesnt gain nearly as much from its 4pc bonus as other specs do (demonology, frost dk, etc).

The buff is very welcomed. But a slight bit more would solidify us in the middle of the pack. Even just another 2-3% might be enough.


They don’t do precise changes. They buff/nerf in 5% increments until it kinda works.

  • Beast Mastery
    • Beast Cleave now deals reduced damage beyond 8 targets (was 5).
    • All damage increased by 3%.

I saw that change. But do you actually think BM was 3% off after running some numbers or were they somewhere between 1-5% and 3% was picked ?

If balance was a serious persuit, then it would be more than round numbered percentages applied to auras most often. I’m told the real problem with BM is the tier set and blizz responds by what you quoted. It looks ham fisted.

Edit: players: provide tons of feedback about BM issues, largely talking about tier sets…

Blizz: hmmmm…how about your AOE hits 3 more targets and your damage goes up by 3%?

Players: /facepalm

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Id prefer it if apocalypse burst procced the 2pc and not just scourge. Also, either cut the time bomb of soul reaper in half, or make it 100% crit, because a 6s delay execute is stupid. Would like it to be baseline for as well, but not sure if that would be OP or not


I would honestly like the proc’d Soulreapers to be separated and for the one that gets proc’d to work outside of the 35% execute windows.

Dunno if it would be broken or not but I feel like it’d be a lot better than having to wait to actually use the set lol.

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Couldn’t you do a single target/2 buff by +10-15% instead of buffing them 5% across the board? Because they’re doing extremely well in mythic+ without this… just saying.

Having 2 soul reapers, one from tier and 1 actual soul reaper would be nice. I still think that for pvp due to the difficulty of actually landing your ‘execute’ it should at least be a guaranteed crit

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This really doesnt address the fact that unholys set bonus loses value as other people get gear. The more people get gear, the less of an execute phase there is, the less time for unholys niche set to shine.

The execute phase will still be proportionally the same duration for any fight. We obviously have issues without the double army but we’ll always get that execute-enhanced army in any fight.

Its still not worth bringing though. Why bring unholy when you can bring Survival, Frost Dk, Demo, MM, either shaman spec, warriors, rogues.

Less time in an execute phase is more important than saying the execute phase still lasts for say 20% of the fight. That 20% is different if its a 9m kill or a 4m kill so it will lose value.

5% increase while being close to 20% behind… it should probably be 10%. No frost player is going to swap to unholy to lose 2k dps. Almost 3k dps. Why would you? The only place I really play Unholy is timewalking and thats because of azerite gear and visions of perfection.

But right now its far behind.

Thank you!

Now all we need is to change the ghoul skins

While the 5% buff is nice. I’m not entirely sure it is enough. Our tier set gives us an execute niche but even with that we really don’t hold up against warriors. I’m ok with execute being our niche with this tier set but if that is going to be our niche, we need to be really good at it and at present that is not the case. Mythic Jailer basically had two execute phases and Unholy DK still wasn’t considered good enough to be taken for that fight in RWF.

Not enough, scaling was crushed with the mastery nerf in conjunction with poor tool tip modifiers. Make it 15% and allow for two soul reaper rebuffs to be present at one time or alternatively have it do 2x damage.

Managing reaper with this setup is overly complex for literally no reward with this tier set.

You don’t need to manage reaper with the 2p. Both explosions will pretty much always go off.

The problem with Unholy DK Damage falls squarely on poor overall design of the tier set bonuses in addition to the lack synergy that the legendary powers provide.

The 2 piece set only triggers when 5 Festering Wounds have been burst by either Scourge Strikes or Clawing Shadows

What Unholy Signature Ability is missing that utilizes the bursting of festering wounds as well?

In terms of Soul Reaper and the summoned Ghoul just aren’t providing the passive damage increase that is required versus other classes. It states the Ghoul is summoned for 15 seconds but a key issue Unholy had previously and should be checked is in relation to the duration of the ghoul vs the duration which the ghoul is actively doing damage.

The 4 piece Soul Reaper secondary effect only triggers when the target is under 35% so has no value and does absolutely nothing above that point. The addition of the percentage increase to minion damage is clearly a straight up attempt to provide some passive band-aid. However, the passive increase isn’t providing anywhere near the passive increase required to make the set design competitive vs others.

When you take a look at the Frost DK Set Design there is clear design synergies that are working extremely well in combination with certain abilities, talents and even legendary powers. The two piece works to provide a significant increase to Killing Machine during Remorseless Winter windows passively and has no functional limitations or required triggers conditions.
Frosts 4 piece design utilizes Killing Machine and the simple fact that they have more of them due to the 2 piece effects. Then having a Glacial Advance fire off anytime they utilize Killing Machine provides free consistent damage increase that works regardless of health percentages.
Frost also gains additional passive synergies with the overall set design with things like Might of the Frozen Wastes in terms of 2-Handed Frost when combined with the legendary power Koltira’s Favor. Dual Wield has similar synergies with Breath of Sindragosa and Rage of the Frozen Champion with the option to use Biting Cold instead if breath can’t be maintained.

They need to consider the overall aspect of design synergy for Unholy because right now it is a discombobulated collage that just isn’t working.

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