Upcoming Outlaw Rogue Tuning – March 29

We’ll be making the following change to increase the performance of Outlaw Rogues in next week’s realm maintenance.



  • Outlaw
    • Blade Flurry now strikes nearby enemies for 50% of normal damage (was 40%).

See the full list of the upcoming class tuning changes here.

ITS NOT ENOUGH… BLIZZ… MM HUNTER TRICK SHOT DAMAGE IS BASE 72% . please give more 65-75% maybe?


Any types of buffs are of course welcome, but it’s a bit of a shame that specs that are doing much, much more damage are getting full aura buffs, while Outlaw is in a pretty terrible spot right now doing mediocre single target, and can’t even compete with uncapped classes on the 5 targets that outlaw is HARD target capped to. Specs like MM hunter are target capped yet are ending dungeons doing anywhere from 20k-25k. Specs like BM hunter are getting their soft cap of 5 targets lifted to 8 yet Outlaw is still stuck only hitting 5 targets, why? Outlaw doesn’t do anywhere close to enough damage to justify this. Specs like destro are doing 25k+ in keys and outlaw is barely doing 15k and destro is getting full aura buffs.

All of this above isn’t accounting for the laundry list of bugs that the spec is dealing with either the patch breaking things, old bugs not mattering up until the tier set and double legendaries decided to put such a focus on such bugs, or legendaries straight up NOT WORKING once you equip 2 set.

  • Grappling hook breaks when cast through line of sight, you don’t go to your destination, the animation plays, and your ability goes on cd.
  • The outlaw mastery doesn’t proc instant poison.
  • Blunderbuss legendary extra hits don’t work with blade flurry, combat potency, or opportunity procs (last might be intended unsure but the first 2 shouldn’t be)
  • Greenskin wickers legendary proc chance doesn’t look at the anima charged 7 cp value, instead looks at the value your actual combo points were at, this same bug applies for the grand melee RTB buff.
  • When your 2 set bonus procs on a pistol shot cast while broadsides is active, you only gain 1 combo point from the proc, in other instances it provides 2.
  • The procs from 2 set do not work with Blade Flurry, nor do they proc combat potency.
  • dispatch seems to not proc mastery anymore, makes the tier set overall way way weaker in aoe since echoing reprimand, shadow dust put a huge focus on dispatch over generators where you can’t get mastery procs.
  • If you cast pistol shot with the 4 set stacked and your combo points land on your echoing reprimand bonus, it will override it and consume it, meaning you lose the 7cp bonus for a real finisher, and the 4 set overrides it and makes the bte 6 combo points. This is a huge bug because Resounding Clarity makes this happen almost EVERY single time your 4 set procs.
  • Both Greenskin wicker legendary and blunderbuss legendary sometimes just will not proc their bonuses once you have your 2 set equipped. This especially problematic for PvP because how are you suppose to set up “a go” and a CC chain when your 2 set literally breaks the 2 strongest PvP legendaries for Outlaw.

Most of these bugs have been reported multiple times during the PTR through every avenue available to me that I can find yet most of them seem to persist.

This buff alone in a dungeon is around 5-7% on average, this is nowhere near enough on it’s own to get the spec on anywhere close to even playing field in raid NOR keys. If any, or all of these bugs get fixed, the spec will not only be much more competitive, but it’ll also not feel like a buggy mess in the process.

I hope that some of these bugs are at least addressed, but not documented on reset (:


Fix Grappling Hook, thats all I want.

At the very least, acknowledge the issue & tell us it will be fixed in a future patch.

Communication, its not hard.


Anytime all the numbers are round figures, predominately in increments of 5, I know you’re just guessing at the balance.

No way every spec needs exactly 3,5,10,15,20% tuning. Use data and math to fix this. Stop throwing things at the problem until something sticks please.


This is just straight trolling at this point right blizzard? I mean at least let BF hit 8 targets for damn sake… you’re changing it for bm who can still hit more than 5 targets just reduces damage after the fact. BF is hard capped and we don’t even top damage in that niche… what’s the actual point/plan going on here :neutral_face:


Indeed. With set, every class surpasses Outlaw in ST due to Outlaws RNG issues.
Outlaw does sustained damage, but it’s really not that important when you quad pack and u need to burn it down so everyone is doing like 60-90 AoE while as OL is 20-25k at BEST.
Are there packs where I do more damage than a hunter or a mage? Sure, on 2 targets. On 3 hunter dominates. But it’s rarely ever 2 just stand there and cleave 2 targets lmao. And the very next pull, everyone is like 30-60 again and u might as well sit AFK as outlaw.

I did some napkin math earlier today on this buff using my ToP17 run. Long story short, this BF buff would have increased my overall DPS by ~500-550 (on overall) and just added 1 million damage.

Tier set is the similar ballpark. Just does not compare to a lot of other class’s set bonuses.

And yeah, both assa and sub got normal set, but they gave Outlaw 2 extra layers of RNG on top of already being the heaviest RNG class… Doesn’t make sense.


At this point I’d just prefer nothing was changed, it would be less insulting.


No one is asking for outlaw to be buffed to the top of the pack and outpace everything else. We are asking for basic changes to make the spec functional. There many aspects of the spec that just do not work or are flat out broken at this time.

Why is BF still capped at 5 targets? I told my DH friend BF had a 5 target cap and he literally busted out laughing over discord. It is our ONLY aoe ability, it lasts 12 secs (1 of which is waiting for GCD).

We had our time in sun in BFA, I get it. But it’d be super cool if my favorite spec in the game was at least in a playable state. I feel like a boomkin player in Vanilla right now blizz, come on man. I don’t like dagger rogue. Combat or “outlaw” is what I prefer to play at the end of the day and have preferred for years.

Good lord this “buff” is tone deaf as hell. This is nowhere near the amount of work that needs to be done. Not much else to say besides that I am extremely disappointed.

Edit: Edited for spell because phone type bad and word hard


I think we all appreciate this post, and you making a thread to give feedback on it…but…

Like, what? What data are you exactly looking at that this is the buff you decide on and that’s it? No one that plays Outlaw wants it to be this top tier damage spec for all scenarios all the time. If you, Blizzard, are set and stone on keeping this class hardcapped at 5 targets for AoE - then make our niche of 3-5 target cleave actually good. This buff still puts it behind Sub on 5 target (easily, especially if Sub has 4pc) and Assassination wins on 2-4 target if the fight is longer than 10 seconds. (Which i’m ok with that, Assassination needs some love too). But the point is, what is Outlaw’s niche then?

I play all specs for rogue, and I truly believe all specs in a pure DPS class should have a niche that it REALLY shines at. Outlaw right now has zero niche that it’s good at. That just feels bad. Blade Flurry needs to hit harder than this, and Dispatch (or an Aura buff) needs to hit harder to make our 3-5 target be something you want to take Outlaw for.

The spec feels pretty odd to play with the tier set, and anything we are supposed to be “good” at - Assassination or Sub just flat out does better by miles. And the other specs that have similar niche’s (MM hunter, Destro lock) are KILLING it in their niche, while Outlaw is floundering around playing with dice.


But some didn’t play in BFA. I didn’t. Why am I getting punished.

Gouge apparently.


although i appreciate that Outlaw got any attention at all. This wont bring me back.


Is this an out of season April fools joke?

Come on Blizzard, this is such a pathetic “buff”. If they set BF to 75% it would still be a joke. The target cap of 5 is a bigger hindrance than anything else, but that’s not to mention all of the bugs going on with the spec as noted above. Could you, ya know, try just like… talking to the Rogue community every few years?


Look either outlaw rogue needs a full rework, or you have have to let the flood gate open on it. This change doesn’t even move us back on the radar. Other classes are doing way better. There are tons of logs already.


You must be joking right … What we NEED… is blade flurry to be uncapped yall need to stop playing around you are letting outlaw die for no good reason , START LISTENING don’t throw bs thinking it’s ok we want outlaw to shine do not deny us this.


You know what’s funny is that there’s a dev that posts in the rogue discord that plays Sin and FDK. We were told in the Outlaw channel that tier sets in general were expected to be around a 10% increase and they even nerfed the Outlaw set on the PTR because it was “overperforming”. Hilariously enough, full tier for Sin is a 30% increase and for FDK it’s 40%. What a coincidence.


Hmm interesting maybe picking favorites also the tier set when it was “over performing” would still be garbage Which is a shame .

The buff is a start, but it is far, far, far from the total set of buffs the spec needs atm.

There is precious little representation of the spec anywhere because it has been handcuffed with a target cap and practically every other spec in the game has frankly surpassed it.

What does the spec need?

  • If you’re going to cap BF, cap it at 8 and have the dmg 75% at minimum
  • Take BF off the GCD for crying out loud
  • Buff Buried Treasure/Grand Melee to where it doesn’t feel like punishment when you get them
  • Revert the tier set bonuses to their pre-nerf PTR amounts
  • Give a straight-up 5% buff to the builders and finishers

Yes it would be nice to see the spec shine in the sun again, but right now it is so deep in the dark that moss is starting to grow. It doesn’t need to be top of the charts but for one of only three specs for a pure DPS melee class (and one that has had nearly every niche ability farmed out to every other class in the game) to have any spec languishing is simply unacceptable.

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They even got rid of our last potential niche with 9.2 encrypted. Literally no one wants or needs outlaw rogues.


to give a buff like that in the outlaw spec
eh because you don’t know how the class works
I have very good parses in mythic plus 15+ 95-100
but my overall dps is between 12 - 14 k 2 pieces tier + 2 legend weapon 278 (gear 268)
a warrior fury without gear only with 2 legend makes 15K-18k 255 item lvl easy
elemental was buffed why?

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