Upcoming Outlaw Rogue Tuning – March 29

You realize that mythic+ parsing is based on your spec + level of the key and not dependent on your performance inside of the key right?

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So the buff is basically forgoing any single target increases that are probably necessary if we’re being honest. That means they’re specifically looking at making outlaw perform better in M+, but with the blade flurry target cap this makes no sense. If you’re not going to uncap it then it absolutely needs to be 8 targets. Damage numbers are always easily adjustable, but you need to go deeper to the root of the problem and the target cap of 5 is a way bigger issue than blade flurry damage (although it is honestly still pretty low).

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This is honestly insulting.

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I’ve got mixed feelings on this change; it kind of seems like an after thought.

It will make smaller encounters - specifically those with at least 5 sustained targets - feel slightly better. Unfortunately, you’re really only likely to encounter these on boss fights or trash packs that you can’t/shouldn’t double up with others (e.g. theater of pain platforms).

Larger pulls will only feel marginally better. When looked at from the context of a larger pull this is roughly equivalent to capping BF at 6 targets. However, pulls are very rarely this small. Pulling 10-20 mobs at a time and seeing the burst and/or sustained throughput of other classes is just demoralizing. You blow all your cds, get a good roll, and even then you sit well below other similarly geared dps classes and sometimes even the tank (guardian druid dps on large pulls can be nuts).

This also does nothing to address the ST damage of the spec; it doesn’t need to be massive or bursty, but I certainly shouldn’t feel like a wet noodle next to my peers.

A couple suggestions:

  • boost the benefit of BTE and/or Ghostly Strike to make ST damage more meaningful (BF also benefits from this)
  • buff buried treasure so it doesn’t feel like a complete loss when it’s your only roll; add some other benefit to it instead of just energy regen (e.g. increased main gauche proc chance, increased move speed, chance to refund combo points, etc.)
  • increase base mastery proc chance - this will also help the 2-set feel less underwhelming (~20 procs in 5 minutes in the few test runs I’ve done)

In some ways I kind of hope there’s a big rework for rogues in the pipe because that, to me, would be the only valid justification for the lack of communication and transparency that we’re seeing from the WoW team.

[EDIT]: fixed ‘hidden treasure’ (is now ‘buried treasure’)

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Just going to bump this.

It amazes me how many interactions with tier set and legendaries are bugged still. It has been reported on the PTR multiple times. Whatever the reason, it would still be highly appreciated by the community if there was at least some dialogue going on about it.


problem that at the moment
I just like to play rogue outlaw
I didn’t want to reroll to another class
the spec is not just outside the meta
the spec is dead
if she had only out of the meta is ok

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People often forget to mention how well you have to play outlaw just to see decent numbers. On my other toons specs, I feel so slow but everything hits HUGE. On outlaw I’m literally making a symphony on my keyboard and hitting like a literal wet noodle on some pulls.


Yes an especially when all the other specs in the game dominate outlaw AoE cept for feral

And then there’s Fury: fast-paced and instant gratification.

Even then Outlaw is still the least played spec in the entire game. 34,009 keys done as Outlaw with 11,372 unique players vs 36,854 keys as Feral with 12,124 unique players. It’s also the lowest in raid too with normal clocking in at 20,885 players and a mere 7,733 on heroic.

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With the Lords of Dread change, I have no further reason to play outlaw this tier for now.

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This is exactly what I’m talking about Bonezz. And Feral is out here getting complete aura buffs ON TOP OF 10-15% buffs to aoe abilities as well.

what changed?

Blizz changed swarm so all damage is increased by 100% not just AOE.

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Made no difference btw.
ust make BF 8 cap come on


100% agree. There’s a few dungeons that I hate going too just because I know even if I give my all I’m holding everyone back. If I was replaced by another person playing a better class, that even gave a mediocre shot they’d just naturally do more dps than me.

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bUt cAn tHeY gOuGe?
Blizzard thinks that Gouge is the best ability in the game…

As I was hoping wasn’t the case it seems that none of the following bugs I listed in my last post have been fixed.

Our primary mobility spell still doesn’t work, our tier set which is one of the weakest in the game gets even weaker in AoE due to the fact that the dispatch mastery bug hasn’t been fixed yet, our tier set still consumes our anima charged combo points despite being a “6 cp finisher”, our tier set still doesn’t work with Blade Flurry and it even disables multiple legendaries from viability as well!

Outlaw Rogue is currently worse than every rogue spec, at any target count. Single target? Play Sub/Sin. 2-4 Targets? Play Sin. 5 or more? Just play Sub Rogue. With current tuning Outlaw doesn’t do anything, but I guess this is what happens when 2 Rogue specs get a 30% DPS gain tier set with 0 bugs, and Outlaw has a 8% tier set with like 10 bugs which drag it down even further below 8%.

Blade Flurry buffs don’t fix the fact that Outlaw loses to even tanks like Prot Paladin. I have no idea how once again, specs like destro warlock are getting full aura buffs while ending dungeons doing 25k dps, while outlaw barely scratches 15k and is just getting 1 ability buffed. At least now with a 5% to my overall in a dungeon buff, I can be barely above a tank rather than being tied with them :stuck_out_tongue:

I see lots of suggestions even within this forum post talking about uncapping outlaw, reworking 10 different abilities talents legendaries and whatever else, but all the spec needs is a substantial aura buff. Plenty of target capped classes are excelling in dungeons, specs like MM are blowing everybody out of the water at a hard target cap of 6. Just make the spec do damage because in it’s current state it plays great it just doesn’t have the damage to make it worth playing.


Yup I love stepping in front of a pack to gouge a castigated only to be swept by a frontal.
Lol never seems to fail

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Yea good points you made.
I wish they would buff it I find it to be the most engaging spec in the game. Constantly pressing something