Upcoming Mistweaver Monk Tuning – March 29

We’ll be making the following change to increase the performance of Mistweaver Monk in next week’s realm maintenance.



  • Mistweaver
    • Spinning Crane Kick damage increased by 30%.

See the full list of the upcoming class tuning changes here .


Finally we got the buff we all wanted, mw’s are saved in pvp! -_-

I give up :frowning:


Awesome change, this will help in keys a lot.

lmao tone deaf. 2p tier set bonus completely useless in pvp with no way to do any meaningful damage in pvp but THANK GOD WE GOT A SPINNING CRANE KICK BUFF FOR PVE. Why do I play this game?


Since we’re getting a season 4 and thus probably another year of SL, can we get updates on our legendaries?

Everyone knows spriest has the worst pvp legendaries in the game. They suck in pve too with SFP being the default legendary cuz everything else sucks too. We also have 3/4 of our covenants being awful for pvp, but that’s separate argument.

Our only decent covenant was nerfed by 40% this patch. Can we get a fun or power increase similar to hunters with venthyr covenant leggo? WW monks with Xuens, invoke, keefer’s, dks have several, wars have several, and the list goes on.

Our second legendary for pvp right now is stratagem, but it’s bonus increase is still low because how weak mindblast base damage is. Maybe increase the damage bonus in pvp from pve.

You’ve had 2 years to develop shadowlands + release, like cmon man. Take an hour from hotfixing mythic raid world race and make some adjustments…

Why is it pvp players tend to act like their content is the only kind of any importance? The pve crowd is much much larger than pvp. Pve matters, and this is a pve tuning wave. There’s nothing wrong with that.

And yes, it’s a great change that’s far from “tone deaf”. More damage in keys has been the primary complaint for MW for literally all of shadowlands. This is quite the opposite of tone deaf.

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I hope this doesn’t make spinning crane kick replace tiger palm in the single target rotation

It did not say that these buffs will not go into pvp, which usually means they will go into pvp as always.

Why is it pve players tend to act like their content is the only kind of any importance and that pvp should just be forgotten about and ignored. In what way is asking for mw buffs in pvp taking away from pve content since you seem so concerned about it.

What harm would it be to improve mw in pvp? None. Would it affect you in any way if they changed some mw pvp talents? You pve people seem to think it would be the end of the world if blizz helped buff underperforming classes in pvp. Do you think they spend every day and every week changing classes in pve constantly so they can’t spend a few hours in a single day improving some talents in pvp for the tens of thousands who enjoy pvp and pay for a subscription to play it?

Why would you even complain when people want their class buffed in pvp if you don’t even play pvp. Please tell me how it affects you since you cared so much to write that comment of yours.

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we need a buff too tiger palm and blackout kick for our single target, across the 95 percentile we are so far behind the rest in raid, even if you ignore the cheese from resto shams and druids rocking dmg Legos and doing no healing we are still way behind.

i don’t mind us being behind the other healers for single target but we need too close that gap a bit…

its frustrating watching the other healers have fun doing a bit of meaningful damage in raid and we are maxing out at 3k if your in the 99 percentile…


Looking at that high of a % for DPS for healer is a double edge sword since once you push into this 90%+s you are typically seeing people who are straight up giving up HPS in order to do damage or going specifically for DPS logs where they do very limited healing if any.

you are 100% correct you have too filter out the cheesy logs. i don’t think a 30% buff to tiger palm damage would hurt healer or damage balance, since its a filler and already low priority.

But that’s the thing, this is a positive change for pve, but immediately you have pvp players blowing through here criticizing a positive change.


WW would like to have a cut of that. Apparently Feral AoE, Outlaw AoE, and BM AoE got buffed.

I didn’t insinuate that in the slightest. In fact I pvp’d exclusively for a decade, from vanilla to legion.

They put out a great change that directly addresses the biggest issue MW has in the most popular content for the entire player base (small group pve content).

That is hardly tone deaf.

You weren’t asking for buffs, you were complaining about a great change because it wasn’t the change you wanted.

Yeah, buffs are always nice. Would obviously love some ST improvements, but I would argue those other specs were in a significantly worse place than us atm.

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100% it won’t… but also a 30% buff to tiger palm is probably a sub 100 dps increase… aim bigger

Pvp mw players have been begging for buffs to mw monks for over a year and a half, where have the pve mw players been begging for buffs in raiding (since they top the healing meters). This is a kick in the teeth to those who main pvp mw and the only change to mw in around 10 months is a pve change. Jesus Christ, also these changes go into pvp as well so all those buffs for other classes affect mw pvp since they have to heal more of these damage buffs the other dps are getting. So if they add these damage buffs to pvp as well then mw pvp players have all the right to COMPLAIN! Since it’s just another nerf to pvp mw in genneral.

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I was clearly being sarcastic in my comment, and clearly want buffs to pvp. Does this not seem like sarcasm to you that insinuates mw need a buff in pvp “mw’s are saved in pvp! -_-
I give up :frowning:

Notice the faces… Sorry but they need help in pvp desperately alot more than mythic+.

Again you make the argument that blizz should ignore pvp to focus on pve because a few more players play it, instead of addressing both. How hard is it for blizz to make 1 quick change to mw in pvp seriously???
I pay a subscription along with many others who just pay to play pvp. I know many who quit in Shadowlands due to their messing up of pvp. But according to you the pvp playerbase should be ignored. Thanks.


You have hardly any pvp achieves at all, in any form of pvp.

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You don’t have many either to be complaining lol, you got to challenger 1 so um yea don’t be throwing that stone.

You mean rival 1? Haven’t played this char on US since start of season 2.
Go on check-pvp and see my char on EU eightrabbit, alot more than challenger…

Current 24 cr mw was #1 in world for mws in 2s but havnt really qued. I don’t really think mw needs any buffs our output is really high.
If I had to complain about anything it would be a that Fort brew does not feel like an actual cd going from 1.5 min cd to 3 minutes you can just die through it.

The difference between being any race that is not orc on mw is insane. If you play orc sephuz you can passively sit 28% less stun duration which is the only way we can really die. If you play mw right now in pvp play an orc and you don’t have to play as well if you weren’t one.

I would like some way to do damage that actually felt good. You have to push into melee range to hit 800 tigerpalms when holy priest spams 3k noncrit smites and 17k holy fires with 4 set.

Nerf hpriest it’s disgusting in pvp ty. <3