Upcoming Mistweaver Monk Tuning – March 29

Boggles my mind that MW does the least dps when they risk the most by doing it. IMO MW should be the highest dps of heals because they have to get in melee range and expose themselves to CC or hard swaps by doing it.


Yes their healing is fine in pvp, but thats not what I mean by buffs. They need better deffences and damage. They’re too squishy when targeted and can’t even run in to do any attacks since they will just get targeted and get nuked.
Mw monks bring nothing to the table in arena, all other healers bring so much more utility, better survivability and damage, even cc’s. Dps are just handicapping themselves by taking a mw right now.

Can I be honest here, I think even 30% is a bit too low. Its almost entirely and solely a m+ buff, but it is a global that costs mana and does no effective healing in any way unless chiji is up, and in that case it is chi ji healing not the kick and the damage value of the kick does not matter.

If you compare it to other 1 global abilities healers can use to contribute some aoe damage, Like Consecration, Sunfire, Vesper totem and literally anything rsham does, Spinning Crane kick is lackluster in every way. Thats even before you factor in it is melee only, channeled, and costs mana for some reason.

While I like the buff truly, I think it should’ve been 50%. I also think all damage abilities of mw other than it should be buffed by 50% and then just nerf Ancient teachings by an amount equal, so the hps will be unchanged overall. I think giving them an ability akin to Whirling Dragon Punch would be fun, in which they’d need to use RSK/BOK/SCK within the last 10 seconds in order to use it, and does a big burst of damage as aoe. Would spice up the very boring mw dps rotation and add damage.

As it stands, a mistweaver ONLY dpsing and making best use out of all dps related tools, does less dps than any other healer thats just passively dpsing whilst still healing.

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My bad, my first post replied to brutalisk, and I assumed that was him replying back to me. His post was quite a bit more vitriolic than yours.

Well I wasn’t suggesting they ignore pvp. I don’t see in any way shape or form how you could read that in my posts here, like at all.

This was clearly a minor (and initial) tuning pass for pve, and that’s okay. They very rarely do pvp and pve tuning at the same time. When they do finally give players what they’re asking for (in any content) I consider it a good sign and hate to be negative about it.

That all being said, I’ve said many times on these forums and elsewhere that balancing has been a consistent afterthought for blizzard historically. In all forms of content. It’s easily my #1 complaint in wow’s development. I don’t think blizzard realizes how much of a premium their playerbase puts on balancing, both in pve and pvp.

It’s easily wow’s biggest failing imo. Which is why I’m very happy about this change, and hate to see it be derailed like this. My gripe is that this thread was about a great m+ change, and pvp’ers like brutalisk came in calling it “tone deaf” and tried to make it all about pvp (as they tend to do).

They were successful too. This topic is now entirely dominated by pvp complaints.

For someone who just made their account private, and suggested people reference some other character, surely you realize you can’t be the only one who’s done that.

Regardless my pvp heyday was BC. The last time I gave it a serious go was on this account in cata. My team rating was 2210, yet my pr was 2198. I’m still salty about that tbh lol. I did play casually up until legion though.

They’ve made a lot of changes to achievements and titles over the years though. Things were different back in my day lol (when we had to walk to blades edge in the sown, up hill both ways).

Even rival isn’t impressive lol, I as a MW pugged it in the span of 2 weeks pretty casually. So again don’t mock others achievements espiecally since you keep your profile hidden

I said go on check-pvp and look up EU ‘Eightrabbit’ I main on EU, bloody hell I’ve 2.8 in 3v3. It doesn’t even matter I can’t be bothered getting into an exp debate, people who main mw in pvp pay a subscription too and want our class to be just as viable as all the other healers in pvp but we have so far been ignored.


These are pvp changes too, they always say at the top of the post if the changes will go into pvp as well or not. They have not said these changes will not go into pvp, which means just like all the other “pve tuning” they will go into pvp too. And yes these 5% damage buff increases to other classes are very big in pvp, and just more for mw monks to deal with.

Not really, my accounts on EU I’ve been playing since vanilla, all my achivs are there, the kill count from vanilla still added to the blood thirsty achieve they added later. Plus none of the experience you have or I have matters, what matters now is the fact they keep ignoring the players who play mw in pvp who PAY FOR A SUBSCRIPTION TOO.
I made this account private on the US forums because I made it 1 year ago to see what the US was like and when I comment here I always get called a new player…

Why would it? Don’t we want to proc more RSKs by TPing into BoK?

Why would you compare an active ability which you can press every gcd to damage over time abilities?

When talking about pure DPS and not thinking about any healing from damage it doesn’t matter about proccing more RSKs if its just less dps

“Pve change” refers to a change that is targeted to address a problem in pve. It’s been common nomenclature for almost 2 decades.

Then why did you even bring it up? I certainly wouldn’t have.

Look I’m sure you have valid concerns and suggestions for your spec in pvp. I know you’re frustrated about your spec not getting the changes you want. Mine (WW) did not see a single change at all (this entire patch) that was specific to the spec. It would feel very weird to chime in about that here, aside from the context of this specific back and forth.

Go make a topic for it if you want, I’m sure it will get plenty of responses from individuals who feel likeminded. Topics like those are a big reason buffs like this happen.

It does not say “pve changes” it says “Upcoming Class Tuning Changes” and yes they will be implemented into pvp as well.

Yes you did you said “In fact I pvp’d exclusively for a decade, from vanilla to legion.”
So I pointed out you did not pvp exclusively you have been playing wow for over a decade and the pvp achivs you have can be gotten i na few days of gameplay in all forms of pvp. All I said was “You have hardly any pvp achieves at all, in any form of pvp.” Then you made a post talking about your experience about nearly getting 2.2 and all that. So yes you bought up your pvp experience first with your “pvp exclusively” comment.

Although I’m not sure if you’re reading the other posts that weren’t directed at you when someone else was questioning my experience.

I have made so many topics, especially on EU forums but me and others who bring it up just keep getting ignored. And pvpers can comment here since these changes are going ahead in pvp too.

So you’re suggesting they had pvp in mind when they buffed SCK for mw? Tell me, what specific goal do you think they had in mind when they put this change through? What exact problem was it looking to address?

“Pve change” does not mean entirely divorced from pvp. It means it was a change that addressed a pve problem. I’m not sure why you’re hung up on this language which has been common for so long.

You called me a “pve player”, I pointed out I’ve put way more time into pvp than pve over the years. You’re the one bringing up achievements and trying to stratify us in this weird gatekeeping thing you’re doing.

As I said, my heyday was BC. It was before achievements were even a thing (not to mention how drastically they’ve changed over the years). I was a no-lifer who was constantly in arena and hated raiding, leveling, weekly heroics, even professions etc.

My parents died early on in wrath and I took a step back from the game, occasionally coming back to play casually (and exclusively) in pvp for the following decade. Over the years, I’ve also played on different accounts (again, exclusively in pvp until legion).

I’m not sure why you think you know my history better than I, and like you said, what does it even matter?

Good. Keep making more of them. How many threads do you think it took for them to finally address mw damage in keys?

Obviously not, not sure why you said that when I point out that ALL the class tuning is going into pvp and will make healing and SURVIVNG more difficult for a mw monk. Since mw monks fidn it hard to survive already in pvp and they buff the dps classes that already own mw monks, the right thing to do is to help mw monks too.
Which is why we need to speak out about these class tuning they do for “pve” because they’re going into pvp too and will make things harder for mw’s than they already are.

WTF are you going on about? I looked up your achivs, how does that insinuate I know your personal history outside of the game? Eh???, Jesus Christ…
I give up, these changes are going in pvp too. They need to address mw survivability in pvp but since Shadowlands they don’t bother addressing any issues with pvp.
You seem to misunderstand everything I put so I’m off. You seem to think this is just pve stuff and don’t consider they’re going into pvp too. So I’m done.

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You insinuated you know my pvp history. You’ve done it over and over. You’ve done it in literally every reply you’ve posted towards me. You brought it up again just now.

Right back at you I guess?

I sincerely hope they buff your spec in the content you prefer. When that does happen, I’ll be happy for you and all mw pvpers. I’ll applaud blizzard’s efforts in the thread announcing those buffs, and I won’t mention the pve changes I hope for in the future, and neither will I mention other classes as that would be very out of place within that context.

Bro. Just go to DMs. We are suppose to be celebrating that MW aoe is buffed


Can we get Soothing Mist off the GCD?


Unlikely, since it just leads to heavy use of macroing rather then making the spell useful on it’s own merit and because it breaks Blizzards general design since WoD on not having most of the healer kits be instant cast spells.

Soothing Mist just needs a full redesign to give it an actual purpose rather then just ‘making other spells faster’.

Yes this 1000%, it helps you survive as a mw in pvp just like In MoP, WoD and Legion.

If Soothing Mist was off GCD
what would stop you from just making a macro for vivify like

/cast soothing mist
/cast vivify
/cancelaura soothing mist

So all your vivifies are instant? (same thing with enveloping mist)
Feels very weird IMO

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