Against Overwhelming Odds bug


So I completed the quest which said it rewarded a level 400 piece.

Turned it in and got a 395 piece… Wtf?

I know it’s not a big difference, but the item isn’t an upgrade now :frowning:


Well it is welfare loot, so just be happy you get anything

(Stevas) #3

Are u 100% sure. I think non azerite pieces are 395 and az pieces are 400.


Mmm horde salt, great on your Darkmoon caramel corn

I got gloves so that could be why. I didn’t know the pieces changed ilvl if they weren’t azerite

(Stevas) #5

I think there is a blue post regarding this

(Nomak) #6

AOO is 395 now, not 400. On 4/23 when the changes went live, there was graphical display that showed some players it rewarded a 400 item, while most saw 395. My pally saw 400, and my monk showed 395. I even posted screenshots in another thread. When my pally completed the quest, it rewarded a 395 item. Info from blue post below. The azerite pieces scaling to 400 are for emissary rewards, not AOO.

Raid Finder (and Mythic) difficulty for Crucible of Storms will open next week, April 23. Similar to Battle of Dazar’alor, you will need an average item level of 350 to queue for it. To help ensure players get raid ready, we are increasing the maximum item level for certain World Quests rewards. This will include the following:

* World Quest rewards will go up to ilvl 370 (from 360)
*Note that the variation in rewards still exists: [Upcoming Item Level Increase](Upcoming Item Level Increase)_
* Emissary equipment will go up to ilvl 395 (from 385)
* Emissary Azerite Armor will go up to ilvl 400 (from 385)
* Against Overwhelming Odds (when available) will go up to ilvl 395 (from 385)

Upcoming Item Level Increase

(Nomak) #7

Here is the post of my screenshots from 4/23 when the ilvl increase went live. SO the 400 reward is just the same display bug my pally saw. Blizz confirmed AOO is 395.