Upcoming healer nerfs

Oh dear.

“Blizzard has announced upcoming class tuning for Dragonflight Season 4 which includes healer nerfs.”

Whatever. My Mistweaver is still gonna kill it.


Healer is weird way to spell vengeance demon hunter.


Yeah. The plus side is we’ll be popular!

Healers might have to use more than 1 spell per dungeon now

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I use two.

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I was worried until i noticed that most of these changes are not for pvp.

I knew this was coming :frowning:
I just hope they either buff or keep their hands off my mana.

Yeah, it’s really strange to only nerf healers when there was such a dominant meta.

Maybe there will be another round of nerfs for tanks and DPS

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They’ll nerf Keg Smash and Spinning Crane Kick again.


Sad but expected

seriously? lol
I can see a couple of heals that USED to work really well on my own character when soloing are nearly crap now. Better if I used toilet paper and duct tape on my wounds, lol.

if that is what healers are dealing with you have to wonder if bliz is trying to break healers backs so they quit en masse, then they can rid the game of the healing role entirely.

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did you forget season 2? there was a huge shortage of healers. i had so many groups just disban because there was no healers and nobody wanted to wait for 1 any longer


Im solo pretty much anymore so yeah…i didnt know about that.
just wow…are they trying to ruin the role?

I do know while leveling its been healers we’ve been waiting for the longest this last couple weeks or so…even in old content runs.
Used to be tanks we waited on…now we’ll have three DPS and a tank sitting there.
The other night we waited for about 25 minutes for a healer to show up.

Feels like sabotage.

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season 2 for keys was mostly that. you sit and wait for 20m for a healer and hope they show up or your group falls apart and u try again


I don’t understand why they nerf shaman…
Blizzard: it seems there are not many shaman player, let’s nerf shaman!


oh dear god…not shaman…lmao…its the ONLY healer spec I actually enjoy :rofl:

Its not really going to be an issue at all.

S4 / Fated you typically end up having some rather inflated stats/player power already.

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They are getting ate up in that thread and rightfully so.

They could nerf all healers by 20% and people would STILL not want to play Holy Paladin.

If a class has issues, it js not a good idea to just nerf everything else


lol…just had a 30 year old flashback.
“you spent money so its ok if I blow the bill and rent money”. As if one person does something stupid so the other has to do it to be ‘even’.
‘BAD’ certainly isnt the measure to aspire to, for sure, lol

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