Upcoming Destruction Warlock Tuning – March 29

We’ll be making the following change to increase the performance of Destruction Warlocks in next week’s realm maintenance.



  • Destruction
    • All damage increased by 5%.

See the full list of the upcoming class tuning changes here.


I love you.

Is this change sufficient?

Even though Affliction, currently the worst DPS spec in the game, requires a bump far more than destro…

At this stage I’m not even sure a 20% buff to affliction would shake things up too much…


Glad to see affliction looked at…o wait… D=


Contrary to other posts in this thread, Affliction was faring quite a bit better than Destro, especially in keys and pvp. I expect Destro to pull ahead a good bit from being dead-last once people acquire 4 pc tier and with the 5% aura buff.

I’d have preferred a nice Chaos Bolt and Incinerate buff, but at this point we needed help in anything that wasn’t huge 20+ mob stacked AoE.

Aff needs helps but most targeted at single target. If they slapped something like an extra 20% on UA (and pvp mod it by .9) and 10% on MR, they’d be perfectly fine. Aff is already upper middle of the pack on keys and is doing very well with seeds in M+ with double leggos.

As a side note, I will speculate that a Demo nerf is coming. The power creep of tier pieces in conjunction with double leggo has propelled them into top dps in the raid tier by a good margin.


Demo does need a tune (maybe), but a lot of that inflation is coming from how powerful PI is.

Destruction is currently the worst single target spec, and has some fun times in M+ provided tanks pull in the right way.

Affliction has the most disconnect in terms of Tier. M+ is about Seeds and the tier set is disconnected from that.


Be prepared for a nerf once the good Destro locks get their 4 piece. But I’m not complaining!

hmm not to be rude, but have you seen destro warlock in m+? Their damage is kind of insane. If you’re trying to buff their single target I’d suggest not doing a flat damage increase as their aoe is already one of if not the best in the game.

Single Target needs larger buffs. We’re already good in M+.

5% flat buff won’t fix the issue but still thankful


I rather blizzard not to touch Demo.

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Ok, but no buffs for Aff???

Please send help.


That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. The spec is already close to meta in mythic+. Only major problem of the spec dps wise is the single target.

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I’d argue PI needs a tune not demo. If you don’t receive any PI and BF the damage is good but not as broken. Playing with a holy priest has a significant impact on your dps.

Aff being upper middle wont last (it’s already over imo). I just switched demo this week and it’s much better in keys with the 2 piece bonus. Might switch destruction once i get the 4 tier pieces. I did most of my keys as aff this season and i’m ranked 20th aff on my server. I’m ranked 159th warlocks overall ignoring specs. There’s only 19th aff over me but there’s a ****load of destruction and demonology over me.

I’ve been playing aff in keys since the beginning of SL and it’s the worst the spec has been in keys. If you play with a prot pally tank forget about beating him on boss it wont happen unless there’s adds/trash with it. Aff has a couple of problems in keys. The single target in the seed build is pretty bad. And by bad i mean it’s terribad. There’s no synergy between the seed build and the tier set. And by the love of god blizz can you move the 4 set procs to UA instead of DS/SB.

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Buffs are cool and all, but I really think they should target the buff to complement the niche of the spec. Destro has always been known as the 2 target spec but currently they are the giga aoe pact spec. This buff will only make them more of an aoe spec instead of a 2 target one.

Try the 9.0 Aff build if you haven’t already. Not as good as demo in keys but I think it’s better than seed build now.

Aff is better than it’s been all expansion in keys right now. Seed build just isn’t the play. Double lego and tier does nothing for it.

The buff is nice but will it be enough to make destro not bottom feeding in raid? Seems like it needs more of a nudge, but maybe when 4 piece is the standard it’ll really propel forward.

No it hasn’t. That’s a more recent thing when they introduced Havoc, which pretty much destroyed the spec because they can’t balance good single target around being able to havoc abilities.

PI is cancer in pixel form and needs to be removed from the game, or made a self-buff only.

Oh no! Can’t have a warlock spec being meta! Might push out a physical DPS :frowning:

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What build are you talking about? Interested

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