Upcoming Content Unlocks for WoW Classic

Getting all the gear from naxx is a literal afterthought for most people I think. When you rationalize it out. Outside of the prestige from raiding naxx40 successfully there is nothing left of the game in terms of non social game play.

Think about it, after Naxx40 is done is there any real point to progressing? You have completed all content, there’s literally nothing left to accomplish. Can we do it again? Sure we can go through Naxx40 and all again but we know there will be a gear reset in the future so there is ‘no point’.

Stomp noobs? yes tons of fun for the raider and absolute hot garbage for the casual, getting 2 shot is not fun unless you can also 2 shot or at least have your skill allow you to overcome said gear differences. Unfortunately eventually gear > skill in an MMO.

Your complaint about a reset to zero type thing then is literally followed up by saying you are waiting for TBC to launch… isn’t that exactly the same thing? You level up again and go back to zero when you start raiding again. Outside of fringe gear, everything is replaced after the first raid in TBC.

the biggest point you are missing is that T3 from naxx looks pretty amazing on most classes (sorry paladins) and that is the real end game.

also you actually use quite a few pieces of naxx gear even into level 70 dungeons/starting raids. besides, tbc was just more fun than what the current blizzard is putting into wow these days.

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Your speaking of literal social aspects of the game at that point which again I said that . If a game failing outside of the social aspect you will still see a degradation of server population because you need both to make a healthy MMO.

I also said that outside of fringe gear you replace everything after the first TBC raid. I raided back then. Our Naxx40 guild had everything except a few weapons and some specific pcs

You can get into MC at like level 55 and get geared in mostly purples within a couple weeks. Nothing rushed about it.

Wait, what do you mean? The new patch makes it so you can’t wear PvP gear if you lose the rank or something?

I can understand the want to improve current situation with pvp. But there is no reason to push out raid content earlier. It makes acquiring gear less impact-full as it is quickly replaced.

When is next phase in April going to be released

Can’t give us an actual date on ZG and dragons of nightmare?

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So will any gear/mounts we acquire in wow classic. Be translated into transmog/rideable mounts in retail down the road ? Just curious especially with ZG coming soon !!! Super excited !!!

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I wouldn’t think so since it is separate platforms, and I believe some of the legacy mounts were removed from retail loot tables to preserve exclusivity

Yea, i just hit 60 and got 80% of my prebis lmao. They already talking aq :open_mouth:

Yo Blizz - give us ZG now please. We are all quarantined at home and need something to play


Agree. I hunger for coins and bijous.

@Kaivax Thank you, I was on my way here to suggest an early release of ZG due to frankly just getting a little bored with the game. I think Blizzard has a really good opportunity to make some serious money by rolling out old content so the older players like me come back and subscribe. I’ve been going really hard since launch and would love to see both BC and Wrath released in the same manner as Classic was. I think later versions highlighted Blizzard’s commitment to taking feedback and designing in game solutions to address problems players were complaining about. I think Blizzard should continue rolling out the Classic content but maybe move things up a bit as most people are stuck in their houses with nothing to do so this could be a way to capture more subscriptions moving forward.

Yes please, release ZG now and hopefully AQ by late May or early June. Content is getting stale like the bread in my house, especially with everyone being home on quarantine.

ZG When pls?

Blz only cares about sub not players, I suspect they’ll postpone new content since they got more sub now thanks to the quarantine.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the tail end of April. Hope i’m wrong, love ZG

They’re gonna wait for the next MMO to drop to deploy ZG (looks like New World beta), like when they did it with Dire Maul on the same day as AAU. Not saying AAU is worthy of WoW’s attention, but they’ve always seemed to match patch launches with other MMO’s releases/launches (Most notably with FFXIV)