Upcoming Changes to the Ashran, Isle of Conquest, and Wintergrasp Epic Battlegrounds

Please god no.

Silly me was hoping they were deleting WG out of the EBG rotation altogether :frowning:
I know I’m apparently in the minority here, but I would gladly trade that for SoA…

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Could you also fix the bug that causes WG vehicles to do no siege damage to walls/towers? Cause having access to more workshops and vehicles won’t help if they don’t do any damage in the first place.

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Can the quests for killing each faction’s commander be assessed?
To be honest even with these changes I cannot see that quest being achievable other than being extremely rare.
The raise in reinforcements from 150-175 will still not be enough once a team backs in to a defensive choke point.

I think it is a fair question that maybe the quest itself be changed from commander to another alternative.

Just reduce the timer on wintergrasp and give all players and vehicles a movement speed buff to compensate right now it doesn’t feel epic it feels like oh god why did this stupid bg pop.

Lag increased.

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This does not make either one of those BG’s more fun :/. Please remove them from rotation.

the reinforcement increase, along with the mage kill being lowered makes going for the enemy commander MUCH easier.

Currently it can be done (for horde at least, dunno about ally) if you skip the mage and just go for the commander. You do need a decent couple of tanks and good heals, but it isnt impossible, or really much more difficult than the rest of the BG, if the team goes for it. (that is the rare part, most teams just zerg mage during the road push)

But in reality killing the commander is a “Win More” situation, the team that pulls it off was probably going to win no matter what.

(though I wonder if the more players in the BG will make backdooring the commander more viable…)

basically they are trying to turtle the entire bg’s…

yeah dev’s people love slow loses while the farming side is stomping on the other…

Hangar wasn’t the only important place. The shipping docks with the glaives was at least equally valuble.


Way to ruin them! Hey, but that’s what you’re good at!

Developer’s Notes
We don’t really like Isle of Conquest, so we’ve decided to let Alliance win them from now on.


Some of the changes are ok but none of these will effect an actual change. the changes just make them longer or more of a turtle with out increasing the rewards. Ashran just needs to go away. Some key changes they should’ve made is:

  1. Delete Ashran replace it with anything else.
  2. Stop back filling the bgs and make it a forfeit if the total gets below 75% of the original joiners.
  3. BG leavers/afk’ers get a 24 hour account lock out.

True. I think this varies by region as far as what hub is more important than the others but the vehicles def needed more HP.

Rofl… getting something for doing nothing. That’s the way of blizzard.

what a pleasant surprise. excellent changes here, thank you blizzard.

LOL. Now it’s going to take longer for the alliance to lose.

It’s a step in the right direction for sure.

Waffles over Pancakes? Blasphemy! Come on man… :slight_smile:

It makes no sense to make all these changes to the mages in Ashran yet still leave Jeron’s knock back in. Why does the Horde mage get to keep a raid wiping ability when the Alliance one has nothing remotely similar?