Unveiling Cataclysm Classic Zones, Dungeons, and PvP Season 9

Unveiling Cataclysm Classic Zones, Dungeons, and PvP Season 9

Cataclysm Classic™ provides seven new zones to explore, nine new dungeons, and more beginning May 20 at 3:00 pm PDT globally. May 28 also introduces the start of a new PvP Season followed by the opening of three raid dungeons on May 30 at 3:00 pm PDT globally. Take a journey into the shattered lands and plumb the depths of what this classic experience has to offer.

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Is the transmog account-wide? Like, can I learn some druid piece on a warlock and then mog it on my druid? Also, are there other heirlooms this xpac and do you buy them with gold or emblems still?

account wide, there are heirlooms, the new cata ones are bought with gold and the wotlk ones are with justice points


Awesome thanks!

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arch bad luck protection pls lol


Boy i sure hope there is a catch up cap so that my alts who are going to take a while to level can actually participate in the season half way through.

The 30th is a terrible release date for the raids…

Man talk about burying the lead. For the 10k words printed in this article the only two useful pieces of information is that raids release the 30th (which everyone already assumed) and that S9 starts 8 days later.

Would be cool to hear about some of the “#somechages” that were touted in your advertising material…

Particularly would be nice to hear how loot will work in cata considering the rapid release schedule. Potential class changes for perceived dead specs (Fury, Prot warrior, frost mage etc) or anything that isn’t straight up copy and paste crap from old press releases or the dungeon journal would be appreciated at this point.


why are we releasing raids on a Thursday when reset is Tuesdays? having to constantly adjust on the first week of each raid to get a lockout in or just miss out on a week because you guys decide to randomly open raids on Thursdays?


It happens on Thursday’s because thats when Asian server’s resets occur.Tuesday is for NA, Wednesday is for EU, and Thursday is for Asia.It is to keep stability for each region to begin raids on the same day.At least that was my understanding of it otherwise yeah I’m not sure why else it would be on a Thursday.

When will Baradin Hold be available to raid? 6/4 or 6/6?

Hi there. Thanks for the update. Can we please attend to the big issue for pvpers? Since Cataclysm is going to be somewhat accelerated, Someone on reddit posted about this concern and I wanted to hopefully bring it up to someone’s attention.

The point being, since everything is shorter, we wont have full vicious before the season is over. Even if you were getting the highest points per week (lets say 3k a week) they did the math and it still was not enough to get full vicious, meaning you will finish the season still wearing some honor pieces. Will there be a fix for this? Add a higher cap? implement retails total conquest cap? Where if you miss a week or have a alt you can still catch up. Would be a great fix. Please don’t abandon the pvpers.

Thanks again.


thats super dumb considering that they have never done that for retail, my raid team has to adjust every first week of the tier just to raid or we skip the first lockout and with them speeding cata up, skipping a lockout sucks

Will heroic raid difficulty be available on May 30? Will the darkmoon faire be moved to this week?

Sorry for being the burden of bad news, but that is just my two cents on why I believe they put it on Thursday.I could be wrong, but that’s just how I always thought it became about that way of doing things.I’m not siding on that it’s the right choice to make at all, just telling you the logistics of why it is.

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yeah I understand, all good!

They forget to add the Archeology update lol


What archaeology update?

The obession with releasing raids on a Thursday is beyond stupid. Just. stop. Tuesday is the reset day. Release it on Tuesday, NOT Thursday. Stick with the reset day its really simple.

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Dis gonna be gud… /popcorn