Unveiling AWC & MDI in 2024!

Unveiling AWC & MDI in 2024!

The Arena World Championship (AWC) and Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) return in 2024 to crown a final Dragonflight Champion and usher in a new age with The War Within™.

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The game would be better if they never returned.

I mean look at RWF and the lack of class tuning until it was over. The constant catering to failed eSports has hurt the game for many.


Not a fan, either.

However, you wouldn’t want them tuning that early in how they do balancing. That is when people are going from OLD Tier to NEW Tier. Performance and Data is going to be skewed until majority have 4PC, as this data would literally be a fix of S2 Tier / 2&2 / and some 4PC S3.

Ultimately, it would be nice to have classes properly tuned at the start of an expansion, and create tier sets around such, instead of creating tier that breaks the balance, like now.

With AI, you’d think making tier-sets without upending balance would be possible.

However, we, the players, are the testing department and everything is done backwards.

Hope that makes sense.

Cheers! L&R - Az

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Damn this year is going to be spicy because the team rosters can have like 2 variations this year as opposed to the typical zero.


People getting mad at the fact they have an esport, rather than mad that blizzard has a tuning problem is peak GD. Lets keep it going so I have entertainment until reset tomorrow.


So for the MDI we’re gonna see teams of:
DH/FireMage/Aug/healer?/ProtPally or VDH… basically?

What I got from this is it looks like Season 4 starts around April/May 2024 :open_mouth: Fated Season incoming with a new fated mount!

Oh my, the suspense of what classes will be used! Oh wait…

Can we stop waiting until after this is over to balance the game?


MDI is SO BAD for this game.

Stop it.


Can’t wait to watch it, Blizzard!

wow’s esports are so bad that one of the main events is literally speedrunning, a type of gameplay that is wildly unfun for most players, and they’ve centered a major pillar of the game around it.

how do you know its unfun for most players

because all the games that have absurd speedruns you do not see players adopting en masse.

a conversation that’s literally never been had:
>lets play ocarina of time
>cool that game is fun, cant wait to skip backwards



I don’t do either, so… Not too interested.

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Not realizing these issues are related is also peak GD.

Ban Add-on you cowards, make this fun!


shut up, addons are for cowards

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How so?

WoW should stop LARPing as an esport imho.
It attracts the wrong crowd.


It’s the crowd it has now. M+ is just esports lite and it’s by far the most popular endgame pillar in Retail. I mean, Blizzard makes sure it is by making raiding a slog for 0 reward, but still.

People who watch MDI like to eat chalk, glass, and rocks to make their brain smooth. Insanity is watching the same class meta running the same dungeons over and over again expecting a different result.

Maybe throw in a curve ball like new experimental affixes that could possibly be added to the game in the future.

Stop, get some help, focus on stuff that actually matters

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Esports should evolve naturally. Meanwhile Blizzard have consistently tried to co-opt it or force it and every time has ended in failure.

An action that even resulted in them loosing out on being the owners of Dota 2.

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