Until Static Black Lotus Nodes are removed and lotus is random few people will control the market

28 hours of farming and still zero. At 5am on my server there are hunters in all the mountains in these 4 zones scouting with Eagle eye 100% of the time. The price went from 200 to 100 back to 200. This fix “fixed” nothing. The few people that controlled the market still control the market because the damn nodes are in the same spots all the time instead of Lotus just being a random drop from any endgame herb node.


That fix to require herbalists to be 300 herb doesn’t seem to be in yet. So they only need herbalism tracking and high enough level for eagle eye.

I kept telling everyone this was what was going to happen. It took less than two days for them to map out all the new nodes. Many of them have 3-4 in the same range so you can still basically camp the majority of the zone with the same number of people you did before add a minor few.

This is not my experience. Price went from 350 to 120, and now is steady in the 130-140 range on Grobbulus.

How’s Ronburgandy doing these days?

lotus here is 100-120g so it worked

The change was that dead characters cannot see Black Lotus unless they have 300 herb.

Meanwhile my friend got 9 lotus just yesterday. Akward moment

low pop server? hunter? there’s no way. on my server there aren’t just zero lotus nodes in the 4 zones. there are ZERO nodes for anything worth more than 5S. i counted 300 empty nodes in a row last night while i rotated lotus nodes.

I cannot comprehend why blizzard felt the need to leave that opening for corpse bots. It just defies logic to allow ANYONE in ghost form to see nodes. What is the point?

I have personally found 19 Black Lotus since the hotfix but, I put a good bit of time in looking for them. They aren’t easy to find. I think the biggest problem is the server population. There are too many people on the server and now everyone that wasn’t herbing much before is out herbing. Also the amount of “bots”/china farmers on the horde side looking for Lotus is just ridiculous. There are at least 5 in burning steppes at all times.

Also besides burning steppes, the other 3 zones lotus spawns are very spread out.

28 hours and not one? thats hard to believe. I average like 1 every 1hour and 15mins