Black Lotus and WSG Adjustments

Apply this to batching.

It’s not good for the game in its current state.

Why are you on Faerlina, the server built for millenial beta whiners then? :thinking:


I’m a black lotus farmer who has put weeks of /played time into collecting such flowers. It is a good thing that supply will now meet the demand of high server populations. This was a necessary change and one that I hoped for.


These changes will bring things more inline with vanilla. Most classic servers have much larger populations than vanilla servers had, ad to this the change in meta with many people using flasks the availability of black lotus is significantly lower.

TLDR the changes will be more vanilla like than the current state of the game.

First that’s a nice Hasty Generalization you made there. Regardless, black lotus was easily affordable on most servers on just the gold you got from raiding back in Vanilla. Heck I can’t tell you how many times back in vanilla I’d just come across stray black lotus as I was heading to Strath or going to AQ. Not even on a on a herbalist, just ran across it’s path. It was more of a luxury than elixirs, but it was very attainable by any raider. That is NOT the case in the current version of classic. The only people that are really upset about this is are people who stand to lose something and people so caught up in with the “no changes” matra they don’t care if it would make a better game or not.

The Black Lotus and Warsong Gulch hotfixes are live in all regions.


Great Job announcing something like this on a random Thursday

It’s a hotfix, they don’t have to shut anything down for it. You announce it when it’s ready, then do it.


So you open your post saying it is not a map issue…

then make an entire post PROVING it is a map issue?
(the 2.3 changes didnt create the imbalance they just made it obvious that they were there, all the problems from 2.3 exist in 1.12)

man the cognitive dissonance on that is amazing.

Nobody cares about the lotus drop rate… we want to play the game without a 4-5 hour queue. Y’all don’t even listen to your player base do you?


Wtf happened to no changes???
Hasn’t this just set a precedence now where blizz will cater to the people crying???.

Snowflakes killing classic already, gg blizzard


Blizz literally never promised anything in regards to no changes, don’t let your idea of what the “community” wanted influence what’s blizzard decided on.


While the botters and hoarders were a problem, this also is wiping out the value of a lot of guild banks. My guild has a few people that pull in a decent amount of gold but for the most part we are all a bunch of poor casuals. This is a slap in the face for our guild and I suspect many other guilds that poured their funds into getting ready for AQ. Ya’ll could have taken some of the money we are all shoving in your faces and paid a few humans to monitor and ban the bots. Mixing up the spawn locations so that people couldn’t just ghost camp them and the skill requirement for seeing them while dead wasn’t a bad idea. But ramping up the spawn rate significantly is unwarranted and deals a blow to everyone who was bothering to prepare ahead of time. Leave it to Activizzard to take the laziest, cheapest, and most disrespectful way possible to try to solve a problem.

WHAT ABOUT THE QUEUES KAIVAX we cant even play come on

Thank you!

Being sweaty tryhard is on you.

You could spend the excess gold in a gdkp run tho

It’s probably hard for you to believe, but people trying hard at a game that they find fun is not something that is ‘on you’ as if it’s a bad thing. In fact, it’s pretty normal for humans to try their best at things they do.


Why are ghosts able to see any nodes?

Take away that ability and this change is a winner.

Any player that put in time and effort to actually acquire black lotus, only for a hot fix announcement to severely diminish that work, is going to feel wronged.

I basically logged on to find 4000g missing from my character. That I spend months working towards.

I get the reason for the change, it just feels bad at the moment.


Welcome to the free market binch.

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