Unpopular opinion (probably) Sylvannas cinematic *spoiler*

I know there is a lot of dissatisfaction with the game at the moment, but I thought that cinematic was bad @$$ and I’m actually hyped to see what happens next.


Not sure if I speak for everyone but I think we’re all interested with what’s going to happen next… but guess what… we’ve been waiting to see what happens next for 8 MONTHS since 9.0. The endless cliff hangers have to stop. The Jailer’s motives and everything and “rewriting death and order” has been horribly vague and we’re going to be playing a game where we don’t understand ANYTHING of the plot for OVER A YEAR… it’s embarassing


I agree. I love Sylvanas and I’m hoping for the best for her :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


the dislikes don’t lie amigo…


Like I said, likely and unpopular opinion.


What part did you think was bad @$$?

The part where they basically made Thanos oops i mean The jailer collect the final infinity sigil and walk though a portal?

The part where the jailer gets his visual upgrade from handsome squidward to another generic mawsworn NPC

The part where he had the greatest heroes who have defeated GODs mind controlled in front of him, just go on their merry way so they can plot and scheme another fight at him at a future time?

The part where sylvanas shoots a little piss arrow at him beacuse despite working with the god of death for 10 years and murdering millions anduin looks kinda sad so she has a change of heart?

The part where sylvanas says she wont serve despite serving all her life?

The part where her eyes go blue which means she gets a kerrigan redeption arc even despite everything shes done?

Are you really so simple minded that you just go “Ooo pretty colors me likely” ?


I wish we’d get more story AND content at a faster pace, but it is what it is.

this not unpopular opinion, when in the end Ion spoiled days before the release of the patch, when in the end nobody wants his redemption, when in the end nobody wants him to be Kerrigan.

What else can we do, the last word will be seen in 9.3 or 2 depending on how the expansion ends.

losing, it would have been good, but not this way, at least it would have been losing, but without stupid things like giving the jailer a tier armor this season.

I liked it as well.


I agree that it was a great cinimatic.
Im excited to see where the story goes from here.
Im very glad she didnt die.

Like someone else said, im not happy we have to wait months and months to find out whats going to happen.
Some more closure would have been nice but maybe that comes in the form of quest text


If you want to pick apart everything like you’re Neil de grass Tyson, knock yourself out.

They story is what it is. Sargeras stabbing Azeroth is almost exactly like surtur stabbing Asgard in ragnarok frame by frame.

If you’re expecting some literary masterpiece , I’m not surprised you’re dissatisfied.


Fixed that for you


Legit asking, what part did you think was bad @$$? Let me know


If illidan can get a redemption I’m pretty sure Sylvanus can. it strange to see ppl get upset by this just a game not real man LOL


I, for one wouldn’t mind slyvanas getting killed off at this point no matter how comically bad it is.


I like the greater cosmic power aspect. Starting to get more insight into zovaal and his intentions. Watching him go through the portal to face his/the creator. What that means in the grand scheme of the warcraft universe and all of the speculation that will bring forth.


This, I am all for build up and I don’t mind the cinematic, but the cliffhangers have to stop. This is getting incredibly frustrating.


Except we didnt?. We are basically at the halfway part of the expansion and we still dont know what he wants beyond being free of the maw or why for that matter.

We still dont even know WHY he was made the jailer in the first place. If im missing something here please explain it to me.

This is your headcanon?

  1. we knew the jailer was going to ‘win’ this encounter because of his hidden model

  2. We knew Sylvanas wasn’t going to die

  3. We were almost 100% sure she was going to ‘turn’ on him (especially once she found out in her fight with Tyrande that (surprise?) Zovaal never bothered to tell her Nathanos was killed and has probably had him locked in a cell being tortured somewhere in the maw if he hasn’t turned his soul into a paperweight for his desk.

All this really does is show what a complete and utter moron she is for being gullible enough to trust the warcraft equivalent of Satan to actually keep his word…especially after seeing he has no problems enslaving, torturing and perma-killing innocent people, he in fact is the root of the very same magic responsible for her own death and undeath, AND abandoned his own brother (and ally for who knows how many thousands of years) once he was no longer useful to him. What did she think made her any different?


He literally says he’s going to bring down his creator, take over and all will serve. I’m beginning to think you didn’t watch it.