Unofficial Playable Furbolg Discussion Thread

I saw this earlier and meant to respond but forgot bout it while I was away. >.<

I don’t know that the Vulpera and the Furbolg would have anything in particular but I could see plenty of gentle ribbing and such.

Seems many races (especially generally Alliance ones) see vulpera as more like… opportunistic scavengers, pirates and thieves. So I could see the generally “honorable” furbolg having some standard disilke for them. But at the same time the furbolg are not worldly. They don’t travel preferring to remain with their own tribes. So I don’t know that they even know much about the vulpera to begin with.

Suppose that might mean they’d adopt their allies views. So those of Kul’tirans for instance. In which case back to seeing them as pirates and such.

Entertaining thought.

Though I’d bet in wow if they had interactions it would probably be light roasting more than anything else between the two races.

I do wonder how much of the Horde races would see the furbolg now that you mention it. Much of the Horde seems to have little respect for the furbolg, save the tauren who used to be their allies in ages past. There could be a lot of fun dialogue between furbolg and many other races.


These are the kind of little things that I enjoy seeing / exploring even if I have no interest in playing the race myself, kinda like with ogres I am so curious to see them more like story wise in the Horde and have interactions with other Horde members.

As far as Furbolg go given as I am less interested in their dynamics within the Alliance as I like the Alliance far less, I immediately got to thinking their dynamics with the Horde which like you said is normally light roasting etc and its little stuff like that that I personally enjoy.


I would love to see Furbolg’s in, but I think it was already considered and ruled out. I thought a Dev stated they were originally planning on Furbolgs for the Alliance and Panderen for the Horde, but couldn’t get Furbolgs to feel right so instead went with Panderen for both.

I hope that’s wrong, because Furbolgs have always been awesome and I’ve wanted to play one from the beginning.


I’d rather want Jinyu/Ankoan…Don’t need another furry race. We need a scaly race.

Not to my knowledge, but if you find any sources on it let me know. I’ll take a look around when I get a chance.

If they have, hopefully the new direction Blizzard seems to be going they will reconsider such races.

The furbolg would be a wonderful addition to the Alliance’s roster and considerably different than most of the current allotment of races on the Alliance side.

Nothing wrong with having a different preference, and I for one support Jinyu/Ankoan as well. They’re a wonderful race and deserve a slot at least as much as furbolg.

Also scaley vs furry. Tomato tamato.

(I have no issue with furries or scalies and I don’t think just cause someone plays a anthropomorphized race is a furry or whatever else either.)

I agree. Even for the few races I don’t think I’d like, like say vrykul, I still like thinking about how they would work or interact with the other races. (I’d also probably still make one but I’m an altoholic so…)

Its just fun and can get others thinking too which is always wonderful.

I can think of a few interactions the Thistlefur might have with the darkspear trolls as it was their charms that caused them to be corrupted for a time. (There is evidence the trolls may have done it on purpose or that it was a misunderstanding between the two groups.) The trolls for their part seemed to see the furbolg as children at the time who had gotten into something they shouldn’t have.

There is probably a general thought that furbolg are simple minded and lesser for their admittedly simple ways. While I do think that would be evident among the Horde races I’d bet you the Alliance wont be much better at first at least.


I’ve posted a guide in several megathreads of how to send in-game feedback supporting races you want playable and referring to their respective megathreads on here. I figured I’d share it here also:

Once a month on only one character, I send an in-game suggestion for the races I want playable. I do one suggestion for each race and refer to their megathreads on the official US WoW forums for more information. It’s something I don’t regularly do, as I don’t want to spam the system, but it is something I try to at least do occasionally.

If you’re interested in submitting in-game feedback for any races you are interested in becoming playable, here is how to get to it in game:

Step 1: Press ESC to bring up the general menu.

Step 2: Click “Support.” It’s at the very top of the menu.

A new window in-game should load. It can take a few seconds for it to load completely. Underneath the “Search World of Warcraft Support” search bar, you should see a line of square images that refer to specific categories of support.

Step 3: Click the “Submit feedback or bug report” square. It should be on the far left when you first load the support window.

It’ll take a second to load that part.

Step 4: Click the lightbulb icon on the right that says “Submit a suggestion”

Step 5: Click in the text box on this window to begin typing a suggestion.

You’re now ready to submit an in-game suggestion!

It’s limited to 500 characters you can type, so you have to be a bit creative in the limited space. As I said before, I usually do one suggestion for each race I want playable, giving a very brief mention of the race, the faction I want it for, and why I feel they’d be great to add. I then make sure to type the name of the associated megathread, assuming they have a megathread, and mention they’re on the official US WoW forums, stating to go there for more info, such as ideas, fan support/designs, ongoing discussions, etc.

When you submit the feedback, it states you won’t get a response, but that it’ll be looked at in some way. Now, this wouldn’t be a sure-fire way to get a race playable, but it can’t hurt to do so in my opinion. After all, we have to show support somehow!

So for those interested in supporting a race you want playable, this is how to do it in-game. As I said, I usually do this once a month (on just one character) at most so as to not spam the system. However, multiple people doing it could help a lot to showing support for races we’d love to see playable.

Also make sure you’re submitting a suggestion and not a bug. I mean, yes, the character creation screen lacking playable Furbolgs is quite the game-breaking bug (with an easy fix!), but a suggestion will likely be received better as opposed to sending that as a bug report.

I’ve gone ahead and did this for Furbolgs in-game this month and will continue to do so with my monthly in-game feedback sessions. You never know if it’ll help!

Playable Alliance Furbolgs is a bear necessity! :honey_pot::bear:


Thank you for that Bagzak!

I have been doing poorly on getting my suggestions out of late. Keep forgetting. I’ll do a round tonight I think.

Did some minor edits to the main post. Mostly missing punctuation I ran across… Going to have a big post in a day or two bout something I want to talk bout.

:honey_pot: :bear:


Could always make one of their /flirts something along the lines of:
“When I look at you, I can bearly contain myself.”


I love it.

I’ve added it to the main post.

I’m gonna sit down one day and make up a few.

Along with thoughts on other emotes and some other animation stuff.


I hope the allied race unlock quest for Furbolgs won’t be too hard or annoying to accomplish. Otherwise, people may find it too much to bear. :V

Playable Alliance Furbolgs are a bear necessity! :honey_pot::bear:


Ya’ll are going to get me murdered by my hubby.

I’m actually writing up a scenario concept for how they’ll be unlocked and the general story around one option for it. (I’ll probably write up a few of those. Theres a lot of options with the furbolg.)


All of these unbearable bear puns are making me want to replay Persona 4 Golden. Anyone else here play that game? It’s one of my favorites.

Anyway. I came here to show my support, just like I do in every thread suggesting new races or customization. The more of this stuff we can get into the game, the better!


This thread is giving me nightmares.

Happy to see you!

I think the Furbolg would be a wonderful addition.

Oh dear.

I certainly do not intend to cause distress with my threads.

Thank you for the bump though.


Love the effort you put into this topic.




“You’re going down, I’m yelling Timber!.. Maw.”
“What trees are we looking at now? Still pine?”


“Let me bear my soul to you.”


Could also put under /flirt:
“You’re as sweet as honey.”

Get it?
Honey? Because bears?


OK. :cry:


Love it, I’ll add it in.

Wonderful! Adding it up top.


You know how there’s a BE joke about other Horde members, and a VE joke mentions various elves.

I would want a joke like about Furbolg commenting on Vulpera, idk why the idea of them interacting is so funny to me


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