Unoffical Playable Sethrak Discussion Thread

They’d just end up friends and then take out every threat we had so much trouble with as a unified force.


Pretty much this.


Hi everyone, thought I’d stop in again to say I’m alive and to continue support for playable Sethrak!


I’m glad to see you’re doing ok. I hope your recovery from surgery is quick so you can get back to supporting playable Sethrak as soon as possible!

We’ll be sure to have a reptile party when you’re back! (Dim flashing lights on the following video):

Let’s get some more reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


Hello! I’ve been looking in from afar for the past couple years, and have decided to post to this thread now because I feel I finally have something more to contribute than simply saying “I too want the Sethrak to be playable please.”

Unfortunately, my lurking means I do not have permission to post links, so I cannot provide evidence as effectively as I would like for this post, but I have cited my sources as best I can at the end of the post hopefully without breaking the rules…

Anyway, the contribution is this: I believe I’ve found the solution for how to get a new race to each faction such that Sethrak can join.

The answer is Furbolg.

Think about it:

  • Furbolg are long-time allies of the Night Elves. Heck, a few of them helped beat Archimonde back in the day.1
  • The Alliance already has/had quest chains involving helping the Furbolg back in Vanilla WoW. The RPG has artwork of them allying with Gnomes, Panderan, and Wild Dwarves.2
  • Hearthstone has provided artwork of them as Druids3, Shamans4, Mages5, and Hunters6.
  • Everybody can be a Death Knight, Rogues are now officially becoming a standard that all races can play (we always knew Tauren Rogues existed, but only now have we finally definitively found them), and Warriors are justifiable for all races anyway. Monks make sense too, since anybody can learn how to fight unarmed Stares at Gilnean Worgen and Goblins and they are known to do that already anyway and you know one of the first things they’d be introduced to after joining either side is booze.
  • Warlocks are probably a hard “no” since the corruption of their people is something they fought against in the past (and present), and Demon Hunters won’t work until the Illidari stop hogging the lessons (and the class receives some changes). Evokers are Drakthyr-only at the moment, so no need to worry about them. The only two I am uncertain of are Paladin and Priest, since we have no evidence of them calling on the light (and again, corruption and madness are something they are heavily against).

I would see them joining the Alliance via the Night Elves, as that is the obvious line of logic to go with (I do not remember any Horde-specific Furbolg quests involving friendship and aid, but if I am wrong, please tell me!), which would leave an open spot for the Sethrak to go to the Horde (which I’ll explain at the end, I promise).

With regards to armor, the Furbolg have a similar shape to both Tauren/Gilnean for head-slot items, while their torso is similar to both Kul-Tirans and, again, Tauren, meaning retrofitting and rigging shouldn’t be too much of a concern.

For their recruitment quest, I could see the Alliance (via Tyrande, who has experience in Ardenweald) returning to Tirna Noch to Ursoc’s slumbering/withering seed and helping to restore it, returning Ursoc to life in the Emerald Dream and in turn allowing his return to Azeroth (besides, of all zones in Shadowlands, Ardenweald has the most justification for the drought’s reversal to be completely undone, since the whole point of their operation is soul-resurrection plants7, with anima instead of water). The resurrection of their Wild God would help the Furbolg and in turn could lead them to be more trusting and trying out life among other races.

Finally, Furbolg going to the Alliance solves the age-old issue of the Alliance fans “never getting the cool/animalistic races” complaints.

In summary, the Furbolg are a lore-friendly and low-difficulty race to insert as playable to the game on the side of the Alliance, which in turn opens up a slot for the Horde that could go to Sethrak, who already show signs of unity with the Zandalari Trolls (Sethraliss at the coronation, a Sethrak among the new council, etc.) and could have their recruitment quest be about the Devoted building/mending bridges with the Vulpera and Zandalari Trolls before uniting (almost8) the whole of Zandalar both as allies and in the Horde.

Thank you for your time; I hope I have made a sound argument in the presentation of my case, and I hope you all have a wonderful, snake-y day. :snake:

Also, @OP: The Mage Sethrak Art image is broken. :grin:

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As it happens…

Furbolg is one of my favorite races!

They could easily work as a Alliance side option if Sethrak were to be Horde.

Sethrak for the players!
:zap: :snake:
Ursol guide you and Ursoc give you strength!
:honey_pot: :bear:


I also love the furbolg. Bears are awesome!

And wow, has it been 15 days since I said I was okay? Sorry about that, time gets away from me!

I wanted to give a huge shout out and thank you to Kretias to following through with the Allied Race post on the Community Council. It means a deal to me, for them to be a voice for us. Especially when it was simply a request that could have been ignored.

So Kretias, if you see this, thank you very much. :snake: :relaxed:


Yes, Thank you Kretias for giving our desires for more allied races a voice!


Tomorrow is patch day. I’ll be looking around for anything Sethrak related even if doubtful.

Happy Memorial Day everyone.


If I see anything of Sethrak interest, I’ll be sure to help report it as well. There are suppose to be various events that occur in 9.2.5 to show off how things have been while we’ve been in the Shadowlands, but the only specific thing mentioned was the Horde Council. Seems like there are a number of things from the PTR not mentioned in 9.2.5’s contents when the release date was announced, like the Tirisfal Glades stuff going on, so maybe we’ll get pleasantly surprised.

And now that you’re back, it’s time for that reptile party I mentioned. Dim flashing lights in the following video:

Let’s get some more reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


While I don’t expect anything this patch day I’ll keep my eyes open as well.

Though I’m much more excited to find out about the Sethrak looking creatures I saw in one of the DF pictures.


My ball python passed away over the weekend. She’s been with me for 18 years so I’m still a bit shaken.

I have her name reserved on my server - it sure would be nice to make a Sethrak in tribute some day.


I’m so sorry. Losing a pet that lives so long is devastating.


I am so sorry about your Ball Python, Briselody. -Hug- You have my deepest condolences.

I too hope that someday you can have a Sethrak character in her honor.

For your Ball Python
For my Hognose Snake
For Fezzy’s Corn Snake

:snake: :heart:


Just stopped by to support your thread.

+1 Playable Sethrak (Regardless of faction)


Still very excited to see what’s up with the vaguely Sethrak lookin creatures in the DF pictures!

Everyone remember to place suggestions to blizzard through the in game suggestions menu.

Sethrak for the players!


It would be interesting if there is a snakelike Draconid. They definitely look like they used the Sethrak model.

Or maybe a different culture of Sethrak. :woman_shrugging:

I got nothing new Sethrak related. However my support is still strong. They are my DREAM playable race.

As always, playable Sethrak please. :snake:


I hope everyone is able to get their dream characters someday. It’s something worth continuing to do all the work we do with our megathreads. I’ll be very happy for Sethrak fans to see them playable someday!

Let’s get some more reptiles on that character creation screen! :snake: :crocodile: :turtle:


It looks like they have horns too so I imagine they’re some kind of dragon, however, they might be sethrak that was split off 10k years ago, that simply gained horns by living there since the devs said that even the sheep have horns on the dragon isles. :man_shrugging:


Its also possible its head adornments though too. Imagine a Sethrak culture that worships the dragons or Pirmordials there instead of a Loa.

They’d probably take on jewelry and clothes that made them appear more dragonlike.

The picture is so far off its hard to tell exactly whats going on.