Unnerf Soar Reminder

Dont forget Dracthyr cant even access Chromie time nor do they wear transmogs.


yeah so OP that it lets them

checks notes

get to pet battles faster? Who tf cares


Look, I plan to main Druid in Dragonflight and if a Dracthyr gets to a Duskwood pet battle .3 seconds before I can I will literally throw my computer into the Pacific ocean thus contaminating the water and contributing further to the devastation of our ocean life caused by toxic debris.

Blizzard is literally saving the Earth right now you guys.


Shh, you! :speak_no_evil: Logic has no place here!


Oh snap, my bad. Uh… Soar should totally be nerfed because it makes Dracthyr too fun and uh… spreadsheets and stuff.

and that makes sense how?

It’s not faster though. Taking a portal will still be the idle method of traveling. Soar isn’t flying, it’s falling and you need to position yourself at a high elevation to even gain speed. You will use your epic flying mount for all travel and Soar will still be a niche ability. The nerf is unwarranted.


Troll post incoming. Can literally see em typing

If only you guys would take that attitude…

It’s in development, they may revert the change in part, or completely. They may nerf it more, we won’t know for months. It’s a key ability of the new race, and I think your message may have been heard by blizzard. It will likely be reversed, or become a max level ability you learn, who knows…

You should already know how Ion feels about flying, it’s not a secret. WoD fiasco, pathfinder delays expansion after expansion, separated zones in shadowlands, a second requirement for ZM, then air aggro every where… yea, he loves flying. Are you really surprised? How? You’re lucky the new race can fly while leveling at all.

The thing I’m most interested in, that I’ve seen no comments about, is that dive move. Is it faster than falling, or is it just a bunch of “moving fast lines”? If it’s no faster than falling, my Druid has been able to do that for over a decade. Fly off high mountain, pop out of flight, pop back just before the ground in suramar. It’s not as “pretty”, but it’s effective.

Sorry to disappoint, I chose truth over troll, this time…

You: "I didnt troll this time

Well aight then homie

Did I lie?

Hes not wrong. I’m exclusively on this character to troll and mess around

Typical druid…


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I believe that they’re able to use shoulders and belts.

Belts sort of as they clip heavily, and shoulders. Problem is matching those pieces to the Dracthyr body armor is nigh impossible.

I imagine you could find a nice pair of shoulders then adjust your scales and armor color to match.

The overwhelming majority of players are not in the Alpha and don’t know if the ability is good or not.

I think that most people would enjoy the post-nerf version had they not seen the original.

The ability is fun.

This is what fun looked like pre-nerf:


Unnerf Soar blizz pls thanks