Unlocking Unobtainable Appearances in Class for Retail?

You underestimate the power of the consumer. WoW Classic came to fruition because the people will so desperate for old content that they were getting it illegaly from Private Servers.

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Says the person not contributing to this forum

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And the Classic community is the consumer. It’s who this game is made for. So what the community wants, which is an as pure as possible Classic, is what we’ll get.

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Holy cow it’s becoming self-aware of it’s actions!

Why isn’t it? What if them deciding to make a toon and level through made it so a pug had the last slot needed for a dungeon or quest as opposed to saying we can get a full group screw this and going back to retail?

Optional cosmetic rewards though… You don’t have to get them. There’s thousands of other clothing/weapon options

If the majority says “no” then I will concede. However there is no way of knowing what the majority believes

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:sunglasses: Just keep trying comming up with stupid ideas as to how your ideas are so glorious and everyone should listen to u!


If we are so stupid then educate us then. You are just spamming a blue post that’s based on opinion and not facts.

Because it’s still a terrible solution for people who want the transmogs.

and if people leave because they struggled to find 1 more for a dungeon, they were pretty flaky on playing Classic in the first place. I’d bet they would probably quit over a number of other things in Classic too.

Something being optional isn’t a proper defense of it being a bad idea.


I sort of want to cite every blue post about flying not being an option in WoD and everything they backpedalled on and finish up with the “you think you do but you don’t” youtube video, but I’m not going to waste that time just to re-affirm my point because it’s common knowledge.

Bloodfall and tiea the same person? never see u posting anywhere else except here at the same thread making the same points… hmmmmmm


Just wanted to say, a lot of retailers would honestly be against this too. adding in initiative for retailers to play a game they don’t want to for more cool looking stuff. There’s a good chance most of them will do it and not enjoy themselves. (Warmode is a good example of this.)

That is of course, if this person isn’t serious and is just trolling. I mean we’ve covered this topic quite a few times.

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Take a look around. It’s not hard to figure out. The evidence lies in these Classic forums and it’s quite overwhelming. Read the writing on the walls.

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A “terrible” solution is better than denying the problem. I doubt Blizzard would want such an anticipated game gone down the hole.

I disagree. Atr least for this case. You don’t need these items and the graphics on them are dated and class with newer armors sets due to the low pixel/polycount.

The Classic community isn’t the only community that will play it. Plus I highly doubt the entirety of the classic community has an active subscription at the moment

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Yeah they deff are the same person… never reply at the same time, both talk about how the game wil fail without this idea…

True soldiers of justice!

Two people on the internet agree with each other and disagree with me? Must be the same poster!

Lol you’re being intentionally dense or willfully ignorant. We’ve both been typing at the same time. But hey man, believe what you want. Maybe you’ll get a blue post confirming it for you.

Blizzard isn’t interested in tourists. They don’t bring the money and they already have retail to keep then hooked.

because i totally want to have to worry about if a person is their to actually play classic or if they just want the mogs and will leave after word.

no thanks.

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You are putting words in my mouth. I don’t think the game will fail without it, but just having no future content for the game and doing nothing about it is a recipe for failure. They can add content for classic exclusively like Old School Runescape and be fine has long has it feels like classic.

I pity for thinking that more than one person can share an opinion