Unlocked the Classic Servers

We haven’t had a single classic blue post since the server locks were shuffled, this is the only place on the entire forums where anyone at Blizzard replies and the wait for tickets is up to 40+ days…

When are they going to unlock the servers? We are suffering…

No one that posts here would know that. The Blues here are not contacts for the Devs, those would be the CMs that read the other forums. They might not reply (because usually when they do they get piled on and yelled at, or the thread becomes a free for all for anyone with any kind of question at all) but they do read all the forums outside of the support ones and pass on what they see to the Devs.

The Devs are the ones that would have any kind of idea on what is happening with the servers. Unfortunately they aren’t the best at communication, but they will usually at least make a post after they make a decision, if there isn’t a post then it usually means that nothing has been decided yet.


When developers decided.

They’re not going to tell you prior to it happening.

CS does not have direct knowledge of this, but they have mentioned wanting to switch to a single site for status updates on server transfers and locks.


People saying mean things isnt really a great excuse for a company the size of Blizzard to go radio silent on players for a month…

It wasn’t just mean things though… when CMs or rarely a Dev would post in a thread it would usually get derailed by hundreds of unrelated questions or comments. It simply made the threads a mess and wasn’t productive. Also when CMs and Devs would post, it wasn’t just mean things that people would say… it was personal attacks and even death threats. No one should ever have to put up with any of that, Blizzard seems to have chosen to protect their employees mental health by not subjecting them to unacceptable abuse.

Unfortunately because of how a very vocal group of gamers tend to react to game companies and their employees the days of those companies having more open communications is in the past. Game companies have decided that not having their employees quit the industry because of the abuse they received is more important.


I’m not asking them to write us daily dev diaries. As someone trying to run a guild it’s extremely challenging to fish from the same over-fished pool of players to get full raid teams right now, and as long as the servers remain locked we have very little hope of getting new talent on our server… The smallest bit of communication here could go a long way.

Especially when it seems like Classic is entirely forgotten with us not even an anniversary letter…

I understand that, and also feel that Blizzard doesn’t do the best job at communication. I’m just saying that they have actually gotten less communicative because of the issues I mentioned.

With that said, Blizzard has never communicated about something like this until a decision is actually made. They aren’t really going to give an ETA or an update. They mentioned in the post that they did make that the servers could be locked or unlocked with little to no warning. It really is just up to how they feel the server is going and what unlocking it will do. I know it is frustrating, but it unfortunately is what it is.


Fair enough. It’s hard to feel like they’re even paying attention if they “feel the server is going well” atm lol

To be frank, it’s much more about keeping the line to get into the server down, letting folks be able to play at all. There are so many people wanting to play given server that there was hours long wait to get in. We’d get a lot posts from people talking about how long it is, how they got disconnected mid-way and unable to get back to their spot, etc.

We understand it being locked isn’t enjoyable, but it’d be better then folks getting dropped from the server/line because something happening along their line.


There hasn’t been a line since the first few days after launch tho…

I don’t think it is just that they think the server is going well, they more than likely are taking a holistic approach and looking at what would happen to the servers in totality once they unlock or lock certain ones. So it might look like a complete mess to us, but behind the scenes they could have data that says it would mess stuff up even more to change it.

Like I said, frustrating… But unfortunately all we can do is wait and see.

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Yes, because they locked the server to keep the wait down. Everyone was coming here and telling the CS forum how they was in the middle of something, got kicked off and have two or three hours wait to get back in. That’s why they lock the server for folks already there to be able to play.

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There has on other servers though, we were seeing posts complaining about the wait times just last week. Now I will say that just judging by the posts I’ve seen here, it does look like the worst might be behind us and that things are actually getting back to normal. If I had to guess (and this is pure speculation on my part) I would say that the servers will probably be unlocked after DF launch once everything from that calms down.

Yes, and now that the new xpac hype is gone, we can allow people to play on these servers again and not experience 12k queues.