United cove = ripcord?

You should be able to fly in all of the non Maw zones but it will be tied to your covenants renown (don’t know what level ).

This was so predictable if it is true, Most likely not though as they have change too many things around that it not worth the effort

It takes a whole expansion to admit mistakes, so I highly doubt it.

When I read that I was thinking the same thing. Hopeful that this change allows players to freely change between abilities of the covenants, almost like a talent row.

I get they don’t want us swapping those abilities quite like talents (in a rested zone) but I’m hoping for anything like daily.

I always wanted the covents to be something like…

  • All 4 covenants unlockable by a single character
  • Must choose one campaign to complete first, unlocks both abilities
  • Can choose any of the covenants to unlock next. completing their campaign then unlocks those abilities
  • Eventually have access to all 4 abilities when campaigns are fully unlocked. Provides meaningful choice as you must decide which ability you desire the most vs. which transmog
  • Provides longer engagement as there is incentive to fully unlock on your character along with much more story content per character
  • Alts start with highest amount of unlocks
  • mission table allows pick/choose between covenant followers
  • transport network links covenant zones

you get the idea. That would have been fun, although in hindsight they would need WAY more anima drops for any of that to work (along with other tuning) but would have been much more fun imo.



To me I always understood why Blizzard didn’t want us jumping around between covenants because you’d think it’d piss anyone off to constantly be running back and forth between them.

I’ve always thought some sort of slow or eventual unification process would be best for appeasing the lore vs gameplay aspects

Nah hopefully not. :slight_smile:

Blue Chinchilla Lady.


i would call her a crow but thats the forsworn.
maybe a dove?
Cause she got me all lovey dovey???

Blue Angel

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Ahahahahaha no.
if the blue angels where a cult maybe but
all jokes aside thats a great idea to call em blue angels. 10/10 great ref

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Everything is just time played metric with isn’t it lol.

Please tell me why a Druid wouldn’t take Convoke, and why they would take Soulshape in a system where they have choices between each ability.
Then we can determine how “easy” it is.

Realistically they just need to make the covenant abilities locked to the soulbinds, and have people be able to use other covenant soulbinds, otherwise it doesn’t really work.

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Here’s the mega thread for it.


And if your wondering why it’s called a ripcord… it’s cause Ion used that analogy back at the Blizzcon when Shadowlands was announced. Saying if the covenant system doesn’t work for one reason or another they had a ripcord to pull just in case. He later said they didn’t have one after some backlash, but :man_shrugging:

Also a ripcord is the string part of a parachute that you pull to deploy said parachute. If you don’t, you go splat.

Kind of like the current iteration of the covenant system, one large flat :poop: pancake. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wish.

Blizzard doesn’t learn from their mistakes for at least a year. 9.2 at the earliest.

I’ve just decided that’s the name of my next band.

I have some hope, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Cause it may very well just be the way it’s worded. Which would be unfortunate.

Excellent! That’s at least 20% more awesome than the Pigeon reference

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You could also do the Hendrix thing:

Electric Blue Pigeon Ladyland


Debut album title. Sorted. :slight_smile:

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