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Just came back to wow after 4 years on the 31st of January and am now currently ilvl 180. I know I’m not heroic/mything raiding ready, but im a old school raider (wrath-mop) with a good raiding sense. I study up on fights and all the normal “prepare” stuff, ive even already completed the raid on normal once but nothing dropped for me worth while. Basicly im trying to find a guild to invest into me and in turn me invest back into the guild and help out raiding. I am available for raiding or doing anything 430pm-1130pm mon-fri and on weekends whenever.

If you can do Tues/Wed/Thur 9-Midnight EST, hit me up in game to chat. Krazy#1922

Ima just leave this right here :wink: if youre interested message me on discord Lukova#2626

Hi Shamhoe!

Welcome back! We also have old school raiders, some going all the way to vanilla. We reformed our raiding team at the start of the expansion, are currently 9/10H, and are looking for good people with good raiding sense to build up to mythic raiding. We are parents, professionals, etc with real life commitments and a love for the game. As such, we raid on a reduced schedule (Wed & Sun 8:30-11:00p EST). We have a friendly atmosphere and strive to invest in each other. If this sounds like a good fit for you, reach out to us via our GM: Shadizar on Stormrage (Shadizar#1464). Hope to hear from you soon!

Hello Shamhoe!

We are currently looking for people exactly like you–i.e. people that want to invest back in a guild that in turns invests in them.

Like you, our guild is a bit behind on progression due to some turnover but we are looking for more dps to join our raid team that are able to consistently make raid nights which are Tue/Wed 8-11pm EST (server time)

We are looking to have people join our raid time as we progress through Heroic Nathria (currently 4/10H) and are willing to funnel gear to new raid members that need it!

We are a very fun guild that likes to goof off and sh&*%tpost in discord. Just last night, we had a fun Emo night in which raid members dressed up in emo transmogs, changed discord nicknames to be more edgy and emo and played emo music while raiding.

We love to have fun and love to down bosses! If you are interested feel free to reach out to me on Battlenet or Discord.

Hope to hear from you!

Battlenet Mooch#1330
Discord Tiki#8499

Hey! The [Shanghai Zen Masters] raids Monday and Wednesday 8-10+pm EST. (With vote to extend raid time further)

We are still building up our group and current looking for DPS. We are 6/10 Heroic and are actively progressing, M+ and PvP is also a focus for some of our members.

We like to enjoy raiding and are looking for laid back people that are just as interested as progressing as we are! We care more about how you act than how you play.


discord.gg/ABpSHQRaHS Write your toons name, class and role, and a brief summary about you


Discord: D-Matt#8870

Bnet: TrickyTree #1397


Discord: Smøøthßrain#9409

B-tag: Smoothbrain#11992

<Pláceholder> AOTC 2/10M looking for more for mythic roster
Raid Times: 9pm-12am EST Tues/Thur

If interested
Recruitment Officer:
Bnet: Opticlone#1344

Greetings Shamhoe,

< Dreamscape > is currently looking for core raid raiders to fill its roster for 9.1 and beyond. We are looking for dedicated raiders & people that like to be social. If you enjoy hanging out in discord & making friendships then we would love to talk to you!

Feel free to hit us up in the game:

Neoramuh#1528 (Neo)
Addictive#1191 (Addy/Raine)

Unbroken Alliance Established in 2010 is still looking for heroic raiders and heals currently on sire on heroic raid times are tue/wed 745pm to ten pm est. we are a no drama laid back progression grp who just want to have fun and down bosses. the thurs frid grp needs tanks, heals dps…they downed sire on normal looking to start fresh heroic progression. raid times are 745pm to ten pm est. also we do lots of mythic plus keys to help gear up the raiders. If we sound like a fit for you pst padock , Padock#11463 Or urekka , Ureka#1269. and we are looking forward to seeing u here in unbroken alliance :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:!!!

Hello to you , I see this post was made quite a while ago , but if you have not yet found yourself a home Allumination would be happy to offer you one . Check out or recruitment information and hit me up if you would like to chat ^-^
Allumination ~ Stormrage

Who we are: Lifeline is a casual Alliance raiding guild on Stormrage. Those of us in the guild have experienced end game raiding since Vanilla WOW and have prior experience running successful guilds and leading raids. With these feats themselves, we know what it takes to raid and push content with a team. With pushing content in mind, we are actively recruiting to build a 20+ person team to not only tackle normal and heroic modes, but to achieve AOTC and venture into mythic content. We have many members who run high level mythic+ keys as well as low keys and regular mythics. We also run raids on alts and for recruitment, and will be setting up a RBG team for those members who are interested. We work as a guild to help members level and gear so, casuals and levelers are also welcome!

Recruitment: We are looking for anyone who can be an asset to the guild. With that in mind, the primary spots we are looking to fill are havoc demon hunter, ret paladin, ww monk, unholy dk, and boomkin. We will consider any classes/rolls depending on skill level and needs of the guild. We value many things in this guild. We consider the guild to be out second family; the part of the family with raid progression in mind. Although we are a laid back guild, we know when to get serious to get bosses down. When not raiding, we like to have fun. We have many different interests outside of raiding and outside of guild, which allows us to connect and create friendships within the guild.

Our primary raid nights are: Sunday 8pm-11pm est and Monday 8pm-11pm est.

***We are currently running Heroic (8/10)***If you would like more information about the guild or are interested in joining our team and helping us push content, please message an officer in the guild, leave a comment below, or contact us in game!

  • BNet: Myztix#1190 / Myztix#4577 - Discord
  • BNet: Gödlik6969#1664
  • BNet Daemagor#1708 / Daemagor#7629 - Discord (Best Contact)

Greetings Shamhoe

We may be a good fit for you, check us out and let me know if you have any questions!

Who we are:

Disorientated is a raiding guild on Stormrage. We have 2 dedicated raid teams, one focused on obtaining AOTC and one focused on obtaining Cutting Edge.

Our goals:

Our goals are simple. We strive to progress as far as possible while having fun. This is a game after all, and we want to be a place where you can unwind and forget the day. On off nights we can usually be found pushing mythic keys. During raids we joke around during trash, but when it is time to pull the boss, it is business.

Heroic Team Raid times and needs:

The Heroic team currently raids on Tuesday and Friday from 8-11pm EST. We are currently 10/10 Heroic and are recruiting for healers and dps, preferably a rogue, warlocks, shamans, and a demon hunter. Now that we have AOTC as a team, we plan on getting it for those on the team who missed out on the kill, and working on the Glory of the Nathria Raider achievement.

Contact Info:

We can be reached on B-net at Ryouice#11303 (Ryouice, GM) or ksir37#1289 (Ferwin, Heroic team Raid leader). You can also hop in our Discord at https:// discord.gg/PBS5BBk9r6 and leave us a message in the #recruitment-chat channel.

Note: during the day we have limited access to Discord, so please be patient. Feel free to chat with anyone who may be on at the time until one of us gets on.

Who we are:

is a newly formed guild consisting of a group of like-minded friends who have been raiding since vanilla. We are a group of heroic and mythic raiders who still love to play and progress but have less time due to real-life responsibilities. We are focused on efficient clears at a reasonable pace due to our time constraints. Our focus each patch/expansion is AOTC and mythic+ keys, although there is opportunity for mythic raiding (very casually).

All our members are currently AOTC, and well versed in heroic content along with some mythic content – although this IS NOT a requirement. All we ask is that raiders take the time to understand mechanics, ask when there’s uncertainty, and grow when there’s opportunity.

When we raid:


  • 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST


  • 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM EST

What we are looking for:

We are currently looking to fill out our ranks with raiders with similar goals and mindset.

Recruitment is open for all classes, regardless of spec, play preference, or “meta” – as long as you’re familiar with mechanics and how to play. Experience is not required; however, you must be willing to learn and improve.

If you are unsure if you meet our requirements or have any questions, please reach out! We are more than happy to chat about our goals and how our guild operates, and we’re always willing to help anyone become an exceptional raider!

Socials and casuals are welcome! We often push keys, PvP, and do ALT runs outside of our raid schedule.

Contact Information

Guild Master - ßrewskï

  • Discord: Das Nuk#6458
  • BattleNet: TheNukDaddy#1939

Raid Lead - Shotski

*BNet: C1TAD3L#1793

Allumination is always happy to help people to help themselves & invest in them as online friends/family & raiders ^-^. Things are fairly quiet atm , waiting for 9.1 to drop . But we are 10/10 Normal CN & 6/10 Heroic , just recently started running rated pvp warfronts as a guild which has been a lot of fun. Currently still running mythics & transmog runs . Check out our recruitment & reach out if you would like to chat. Allumination ~ Stormrage

OMG we are just what you are looking for!

Discord Code: https://discord.gg/HyKfSr4QEV

Come join us!!!