Unholy Death Knight Class Set Tuning – March 8

We’re currently working on the following adjustment to Unholy Death Knight’s 4-piece set bonus, which we intend to make live with scheduled weekly maintenance on Tuesday, March 8 in this region.

  • (4) Set Bonus: Your minions deal 10% increased damage (was 5%). When Soul Reaper’s secondary effect triggers, this bonus increases to 50% for 8 seconds (was 25%).

Unholy’s Tier Set bonus is intended to differentiate the spec from Frost by amplifying one of its niches; strong windows of single-target burst & high-value execute damage. The initial tuning of the bonus was simply too low to make good on that promise, especially when compared to the baseline single-target power other similar bonuses brought to the table.|


Great news. How about fixing a bit more damage for blood spec now please!


That’s nice in all.

But can Unholy get some of their own Shadow Damage back?

Pretty please? :slight_smile:


Thanks for the UH buff, it was much needed as the spec was already quite behind even in 9.1 era.

Sadly there is another major issue. AMZ was a flat 20% magic reduction and it seems that was too OP to stay. What about warrior’s Rallying Cry? Its a flat 20% HP increase which is arguably even better. If you look at 9.1 and 9.1.5’s data guilds hardly use any DKs. why bring a DK when warriors have a better mobility, better damage and better raid cooldown?

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Please split Unholy into Necro and Unholy… I’d really like to play a disease spreading dot monster and I have no desire to use the pets. I want Superstrain and Unholy Blight and rot the target. I don’t want to be a pet master.

DK needs 4 specs, to represent the 4 horsemen.


That’s an interesting idea.


Would there be any chance of the 2pc being changed to proc based on wounds popping rather than based on scourge strike/clawing shadows? Would allow the set to have some significant AoE potential via the free ghouls, as well as making it alot smoother to play with. Would be a similar change to that of the necrotic strike honor talent that happened in 9.1.


There’s plenty of need for dks in this raid, promise

How about making it useful in PvP?

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It’s Frost that needs tuned. We are unsurvivable.

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This is a great idea. If unholy was the way you described it, I would love to play it.

Unholy inherently has high execute damage? Maybe its time to give soul reaper baseline since all your balancing seems to imply that you believe everyone has this talent.


That bonus would be nice if the Rune of the Apocalypse was being affected by all minions you summon and not just your main ghoul… like it was in Legion. Ever since SL came out it, it remained tied to main ghoul only… making it utterly useless.

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What about buffing the spec as a whole? Gonna let warriors and rogues be the highest dps specs in every aspect of the game again? And with monks dominating M+?


Any chance it could be made to be better in pvp?

Real simple bud, revert the mastery nerf or buff the individual tool tip damage of all Unholy abilities.

Your team is literally walking back the mastery nerfs incrementally with the conduit changes now the tier set changes, both won’t be enough because the spec doesn’t scale well with borrowed power or stats. If it did this theme of conversation wouldn’t be a thing and the spec wouldn’t have parked itself at the bottom of raid performance last tier, and its headed there again.

Stop taking feedback from the discord community seriously. Those people are demonstrably awful at pinpointing why do is bad, intentionally or not.

Ask yourself why its dks from that community that yell for nerfs when either spec is really good like top 5. Because then actual theory crafters play the class and throw the discord community out of their own party. You’ve got a group of people manipulating data to gate keep performance to keep themselves relevant (not really though, bad specs aren’t relevant) in their own minded at the cost of the entire community. That’s not good for the game or profits. Look at Unholy rep pre nerf and post nerf.

Stop catering to people who post in bad faith because they don’t like getting beat on logs by players who are more talented even though they may be newer to the class.

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it would be amazing if blizzard put this much effort in to actual class tuning…lol.

Please make the 2 set be from wounds popped and not just scourge strikes. Thank you


This would be super helpful to both pvp and pve. +1!

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That would be a fair idea considering Frost has a sub-spec again. Unholy has been long overdue for a sub-spec that sacrifices pet usage for complete focus on diseases. I would almost certainly main that if it was done right.