Unholy Death Knight Class Set Tuning – March 8

Anyone else having problems with the 2 set in under 35% window? I would like a wa to help me track how many more attacks i have before it procs a 6 sec soul reaver on it. It happens constantly, you put up a soul rend on them and then use the 5th attack and it makes it 9 sec before it pops. That is gonna hurt pretty back with the 4 set

You get both the triggers. It essentially ticks every 5 seconds so in that case you’d get one explosion after 4 seconds and one after 9 seconds.

trying out the 4 set in solo shuffle, the 4 set basically means that if SR goes off its GG, but its very difficult to get that to happen as healers are very quick to top someone off as soon as they see SR.

the 2 set needs to proc of any wound popped by any ability, this would let it be more useful in pvp with apoc, n-bargain, and doomburst. might be a bit too bursty, but it would feel more fluid.

this is a player issue, back in MOP if you wanted reaper to hit you asphix or strang or mindfreeze + petkick+gnaw healer as its ticking down. If you have all cds going and asphix at 3s left on reaper its going to hit, plus you’ve put the healer in a position where they trink or lose a teammate. If you have strang you can follow up with that if the healer does trink if you know they are going to use an instant and therefore cannot mindfreeze + pet kick or if DT is down and you’re only going to get a 1s gnaw in.

Cc isn’t a shortcoming for unholy. It may be that necro aura or abom may need to be swapped out for strang to help ensure the execute hits.

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i remember it being a lot easier as in… protect your SR debuff with a bunch of necrotic strikes that they cant heal through in time before it goes off

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I sort of agree with you. With only 2 pc I’ve been able to time my 5th scourge strike with my burst and have had SR tick with the target below 35% a number of times. However… I play with an aff lock so people rot low a lot.

If the tier set bonus also counted wounds popped by apocalypse it would go a long way to making it more appealing in PvP.

Literally not an issue outside apoc use. How are wounds burst?

See my point? This is a real nothing burger of a complaint. It wouldn’t make the set better.

What would make the set better is taking the 35% HP threshold for reaper out and making it activate after 5 scourge strikes regardless of HP. Considering the time it takes to go off Reaper is weak so its not like it would be overpowering

necromancers bargain and doomburst is how they are mainly burst in PVP, CS/SS is usually a last choice if those aren’t up.

Dude lol no. Wounds are burst more so by ss than either of those even in arena with a 15 apoc. Doom burst isn’t a for sure pick for pvp talents either, I really like it and use it often but not always. Necromancer bargain I nearly always use. The only thing I take always is necrotic wounds, with the exception of rogue/ mage in 2s. I hesitate to agree with shifting the bonus to wounds because we have neither Necromancers bargain or doomburst in pve, and it would make those talents neatly mandatory in pvp. Which means you don’t have defensive options for talents when you need.

Convocation accounts for more of the reset on apoc than spending runic at this point, I don’t swim in sudden doom procs even when I talent harbinger, so again ss/cs are used mainly to burst wounds. Its gear when you can apoc + doomburst coil, but after that (if you broke 6 wounds) you’re not not using festering strike and scourge strike as part of the regular rotation.

I can understand why you’d want this in bgs but it limits the talent choices there too.

My DK is Raziael btw. I only arena on that character at this point.

doomburst is combined with deaths certainty and the sudden doom conduit. its more effective for reliable damage throughput(crazy given that harbinger is RNG proc). the original request to have the set bonus work off of wounds instead of strikes was specifically with this build in mind.

its doomburst, bargin and your open slot, from what i was looking at last season, most ladder dks with this build took either spellwarden or dome in this slot for the extra defensive, not taking necrotic wounds.

and yes, its not that you never burst wounds with CS/SS, but that the main lions share of your burst damage isn’t coming from that, but lets say you are fully ready to go, 6 wounds on target, 2 stacks of sudden doom. no matter which way you want to take that you will need to stop and restack wounds just to get the set bonus to proc. and the biggest issue with the set bonus is that its just a bonus, if you try to play around intentionally procing it in arena, especially if you push the ladder, you will just get killed. IMO, i could probably get more kills in arena with reanimation than the tier set, and arena is the worst place in the game for reanimation.

i mean, you could use this in RBGs sure, but randoms and epics disruption and aoe suppression builds are still king. i copied the doomburst build from Petkick last season, iirc he said doomburst/deaths certainty was better for 3s and FM builds better for 2s. personally i found both effective.

most highly rated dks (petkick being one) recommended swapping out doomburst if I remember right. I certainly had far more success last season dropping it and holding on to necrotic wounds and NB. I wouldn’t trust the choices of the lowest performing section of the arena community at large. Look at the top % of players.

You’re not making bad points about the playability of the set, but you’re missing the fact that during a dnd window (yes you want to use this in arena, never leave damage on the table) you aren’t always bursting wounds. If you’re using cs you aren’t always bursting wounds. Over the course of an arena you use ss/cs to burst wounds far more than apoc or doomburst. Same in a raid or m+. Also in pve there are numerous times where you are not bursting wounds but are using ss, mainly during a dnd cleave window.

The 35% threshold for the set to proc considering the SR proc powers the rest of the set is what needs to be changed, from what you wrote I see we agree. Its not worth playing around. If we were to get one change on the set I wouldn’t want to see it wasted on something that isn’t worth it.

My point is I don’t think a fundamental error in logic is a good basis for making the set activate off wounds instead of SS. More wounds are burst by SS than DB coil plus apoc so it makes more sense to have the SR activation tied to ss. What doesn’t make sense is that its tied to the HP threshold, in either pvp or pve.

where did dnd come from?

i don’t, when i make an arena run, i look at what the top 10 dks are doing talent wise in both 2s and 3s and generally take that build if i have the pieces. and that is literally where i got the doomburst build from. but that was last season.

IMO the issue is that you are looking at the total number of wounds burst rather than the when. if the proc worked off of any wound burst by any spell, it would make putting SR on a target and activating the set bonus a fluid part of our burst window. right now you might blow somebody up, but then you have to restack wounds to hit CS 5 times. no way around that feeling clunky.

Yeah I’m an idiot. For some reason I thought that it was SS only that needed to be used to get the 2 set to proc.

That being said what you’re suggesting would smooth the set out, especially if you’ve talented soul reaper.

Took my dk for a spin in 2s last night, much fun was had. Even with the clunky 2 set the overall package feels much better than s1, I have 22% haste so that may play a part in the spec feeling better.

it was like that on the PTR. the original 2pc was proc’c by every 5 SS/CS only. given that PVPers don’t use those all too much compared to everything else, we all requested that it work of bursting wounds than just hitting SS. blizzard heard us and monkeypaw’d it into what we have now.

IMO for any dev reading this: don’t do that. you are trying to salvage what community you have left, monkeypawing their feedback might as well be giving them a big giant middle finger. it’s completely eliminates good will build up in the playermind from things like the pvp gearing fix or class overhauls. “we heard your feedback” now makes us worried about what you are doing, not overjoyed that dragonflight is going to be good.

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i just tested it…yes only SS works to proc the 2 set bonus. i wish it was just wounds in general, please change it!

While you’re looking into tier sets can you please look into the summoned dead from the 2pce aggroing skippable packs IE in necrotic wake


I know you don’t typically arena but this may be a season…not to be missed on dk, particularly unholy. I’m having quite a bit of fun.

Arbiters dk.

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