Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

This sounds fun! And I loved Mists.

But… having to make a character like we did for Plunderstorm? Most people like myself just rather play our already existing characters.

And also, Plunderstorm burned me out hard and made me glad I was done with season 3. If I have to decide to keep playing season 4 or do this(for likely FOMO rewards like Plunderstorm) you’re going to lose people from M+ making those still trying to do it and get achievements have a harder time finding players.

Lot of us have limited time, so when you add limited time events we have to pick and choose, no time to do both. I don’t have time for retail WoW and a side game.


It’s literally porting your character over to retail after the event. R E L A X.

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I’m stoked. Love these new events, Blizz.


What do you mean by that? I know I have 60 characters(cap) I cannot have anymore lol

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This sounds insanely fun! And we can keep our characters at the end, it is finally time to make my panda toon!!

Can we level up our existing characters? It seems like you need to create new alts…

Continuing the discussion from Pandamonium clarification:

I want to level up 40 alts from 60-70 in this mode that looks better that spamming dungeons.

I refuse to do fomo limited time content
please make evergreen content like player housing



Finally, the wow team is doing something right. Something new. I’m so excited with this announcement “I can’t even”.

I’ve been wanting MoP classic since classic servers started progressing into the expansions. I’ve always wanted to play MoP in its original form as I missed it back in the day. I love the Pandaren and monks and all the flavor of the MoP expansion. My favorite dungeons are all from MoP. Timewalking MoP is my favorite time to play retail servers.

This literally can’t hit live servers fast enough.



  • The Dragon Warrior

This looks so awesome I’m into it! Woohoo leveling content!

Will 10000% do, this looks awesome!

But please revert Taivan size nerf, the big boi is needed.


This is awesome.

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It said we’re getting more character slots too.

I see y’all are trying to create content all your subscribers can access without purchasing Dragonflight.

But it’d be cool if rewards from this event, like Plunderstorm, were also earnable in Dragonflight. Creating these separate game modes detracts from the current playerbase on retail. Like how Plunderstorm made PvP participation dip even further :<

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Thing is, personally I have all classes at max level already, I didn’t intend to have duplicates (my char deleted graveyard is kinda full)

Was hoping we could rebirth and reuse a char, Diablo 3 style. That would be great.

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Altoholic in me happiness increases


Probably is going to be a split launch like Plunderstorm and then you need to select which character you want to remain in your account…Did they confirm an increase for the whole account?

I just wish we could use our own alts already in progress for this levelin process.

PLEASE find that part for me, I know I read it, but oh gosh I cannot find it again in the article, it’s like I have gone blind to reading it too many time haha

Edit: I seriously cannot find the part where it stated they will increase the cap for characters created in this event that will move over to retail, did they remove it or am I really blind?

I hope it’s not only one character you can take back to retail. I hope you can take them all.

Found it:

All Remix characters created during the event will convert to a standard character to play within modern World of Warcraft at the end of the event.

>mmo designed around improving your character
>build up your character over 20 years
>new feature forces you to start over with a new character



Probably you can take all your new alts, however; I don’t see any account increase in their post and if you already have cap, then the system will probably trigger a way to pick which ones you want to keep…we’re still missing details.

I just wish they add a way to use previous character or your main, not everyone like the idea of using a fresh alt.