Unanswered Questions: A List

This will be part of teh stage 2 content release (as of the latest info we have from blizzcon), when that will be who knows.

Since this implies cross-realm mechanics we can assume not currently planned, since this would open the door to cross-realm dungeons and watnot

Don’t see why not

This is probably asking about the albino epic mounts that where in game before the current armored ones, think they were replaced about 6 months after release or slightly before. I’d wager 2-3 months tops.

no, this is part of the currently planned stage 3 content release.

as it currently stands at launch along with onyxia

So, like everyone else, you have nothing but guesses.

That is the point of this thread. Almost all of these questions are questions that Blizzard has so far refused to answer and we can only make guesses as to the answers.

Blizzard needs to address and answer the questions they so far have refused to answer.

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They said they have no plans to make any changes to the class balance in 1.12

We all know very well that they were referring more to requests to go in and make non-vanilla changes to classes like adding taunts to pallies and increasing DPS of hybrids to be on par with pures.

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No they weren’t, they said they have no plans to change any of the class balance in 1.12. That’s a definitive statement, don’t try to misconstrue the devs’ words.

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Cheater, that is a ton of questions. If you want to go through and prune the ones that are already answered (such as the “buckets” releases of content) and add it to the OP have at it. Also stuff should probably change to “is” rather than “when”. Like they may very well not even have a beta/alpha.

And reverting the warrior threat stuff to pre 1.11 would not be a change outside of the vanilla timeline. It would not be “balancing”, but rather a reversion to a prior state.

If you want to pretend that the intent of the guy asking the question was other than asking if non-vanilla balancing would be taking place, enjoy yourself.


They specifically said they were not touching the 1.12 class balance.

It would not be “balancing”, but rather a reversion to a prior state of a class.

Pretty sure someone in here can cite the actual question and answer from that interview.

Wow. You’re really grasping at straws here.

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Sorry, but I am really not. Feel free to cite the specific language used in the Q and A, have at it. Context matters.

Cross realm BGs were in vanilla. Cross realm dungeons were not. The question is valid and you have no real answer.


World of Warcraft release date: 23 November 2004

World of Warcraft Client Patch 1.4.0 (2005-04-19)

  • Level 60 mounts purchased at vendors now have a whole new look. Faster undead mounts already have a different look and so have not changed. The new mounts can be seen standing near the mount vendors. If you have one of the old fast mounts, you can exchange it for one with a new look at the mount vendor.

You’re still guessing.

Was this ever clarified? From what I remember, we were only told that MC/Ony are stage 1, we weren’t told when stage 1 actually begins.


Nah bro. This is your list. I was just copy/pasting stuff from his list.

You can bother with the organization of it all. I’m not that invested.


Won’t we find out when classic is launched?

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Some of tne answers may impact some peoples decision to sub or not.

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An important one imo is this:
Will we see full world quests on launch? Tanaris quests added in 1.7 (i beloeve) and timbermaw quests added in 1.6 ect.
Will reputations be in their full state on release (thorium brotherhood had recipes added with bwl patch)?

I’ll take a stab at this.

The good one.


Sharding will be implemented on an ‘as-needed’ basis. Any zone that starts to lag or crash will be sharded to ensure a stable experience.

That depends on the players. Sharding will be applied where and how it is needed to ensure a stable gameplay experience. The devs aren’t going to simply say “It’s Friday. You’re on your own.”

Pre-nerf. Classic means classic. #NoChanges

Pre. Classic means classic.


Yes. Players will be able to select any character avatar they like. Just be prepared to be labeled a low-rez scrub.

Working as intended. Classic means classic.


No. Classic will not be sold in the conventional sense the way expansion have been sold. It will be a free download.

No. Classic means classic. Choices have consequences.

No. Classic means classic. No room for progressive liberal ideas here.

  1. 5 PvE, 5 PvP, 1 RPPvE, 1 RPPVP.


No. Classic means classic. You want to tag that mob? You better be quick.

No. They are being named after 50’s fashion icons and don’t want to prematurely trigger the playerbase.

Yes. Just send me $10 on paypal for each name you want reserved. Message me for the payment address.

At launch.

At launch.

No. Classic means classic. If your realm doesn’t have enough PvPers to support a BG community, that’s on you people.

Yes. Classic means classic.


No. It was a silly idea then. It’s a silly idea now. Cards are not hip anymore.

At launch.


No. Classic means classic.

Four guilds per faction per server.

Yes. Classic means classic.

Yes. This is a BNet anti-harassment feature. Don’t say things that will get you squelched.

No. The dishonor system was a horrid mess.

The same as it is now. You can only loot a raid boss once a week.

No. Classic means classic.

Pointing and laughing.

On release. Good luck getting there inside a month though.

Hope this helps.

Yes we will see full world/faction quests. The content is the world of 1.12.

Unanswered questions regarding arguable exploits being fixed or not…

Specifically economic ones like tribute Soloing, dme lasher runs, brd aoe, zg aoe, naxx trash solo being notables that pservers tend to nerf, and potentially brd pickpocket (which tends to get nerfed on preservers along with the previous.

Item exploits notably Wolf’shead helm and manual crowd pummeler for feral dps.

Beyond that
Even minor common sense class balance concepts, like curse of elements working on nature damage, shadows working on holy damage, protadin talents only working when a tank (that wants to be uncrittable) gets critical struck instead of the TBC chance on hit model that made significantly more sense.

I’ll throw a special shout out to a slightly earlier version of wind fury weapon procs… Or basically the version before they got their attack power cut in half. Enhance was bad enough without cutting their only real damage source, and simply reverting that very late vanilla nerf (was 1.11 or 1.12 if memory serves) is the only way to “buff” them without the #nochange brigade losing their minds

Finally :
Early raid tier returning upwards so the raids are actually at authentically intended difficulty levels instead of faceroll speed clears by semi conscious morons in leveling greens, as they tended to be with 1.12 power creep.

Why does one necessitate the other? We did cross-realm BGs for years before cross-realm dungeons came into the picture; the same could just as easily happen here. Mind you, I don’t think cross-realm BGs should be implemented unless they’re necessary to keep queue times down. That’s why they came about in Vanilla to begin with and that’s the only reason they should come into play in Classic.

This. If they are considering it, it gives me hope that we Classic might be may actually feel “Vanilla” and not some 1.12 Retail hybrid. The key thing is time. Raid bosses should not die in 2 seconds. Strath/Scholo should take hours to clear. Raids should take hours to clear.