Unable to use portal from Orgrimmar to Ashran

needing help on getting the portal to Tanaan from Orgrimmar working. I’ve done the portal opening and Tanaan start quests. I’m stuck on turning in “The Home of the Frostwolves”. There is no NPC at the spot close to my garrison shipyard

If it’s the NPC I’m thinking of, go a little way down the beach from the shipyard.

i have the question mark turn in is in front of Chillfangs cave

Do you have other quests in the area phasing the world out?

Go to wowhead, search for “The Home of the Frostwolves” and read the comments. Plenty there describing their issues which might assist you in getting the npc to turn up.

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first thing i ALWAYS try wowhead first for answers

Come to think of it… Ashran was removed from the game a little while ago, no news yet whether it’s coming back, I don’t think.

Stands to reason there’s no portal because it would lead to a place that doesn’t presently exist in the live game.

The battleground was removed, not the areas. The portal still works normally. You can visit Warspear & Stormshield just fine via the portals.


Interesting. Still looking forward to seeing what, if anything, they do with it in the future.

OP, can you confirm that you don’t have other quests phasing that area out?

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Would be nice to see them do something with the area. For the time being, at least you can visit the faction cities and explore the non-instanced version of the area where the battleground was contained (something you couldn’t do before). Might be a nice area to RP =)

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ok this post can be removed as now it DOES work and no i wasn’t phased

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