Unable to update account phone# - support ticket declined

  • I changed phone carriers last year or so (when I wasn’t playing WoW). Fast forward to now, and i’m trying to update the phone number associated with my account.
  • I no longer have that phone #, so I can’t change it and every time I try, it sends a text to my old number (lol).
  • I’ve opened a support ticket and they want me to send in my ID or birth certificate.
  • I sent in a drivers license with my face and information I don’t want in the blizzard system (eye color, picture, ID#) etc. Name/address and birthyear are clearly visible.
  • I was told I have to send in my personal information unedited (?).

TLDR - I refuse to put my PII in your system.

Now what? Who do I need to talk to, because the person with my old Verizon number (probably) has access to my account. Is there another way to verify without sending in my birth certificate (not happening).

They don’t store a copy of your license/Id/etc. Once they confirm the account, the image of your ID is deleted.

Sending it is the only way to update your account.


I… don’t believe that at all. I’m fairly confident that image is stored in a database. Also, I did send in the ID - it just doesn’t have my face or the id# on it, both of which shouldn’t be needed in this case.

Your information isn’t being “added to the system” Omerta. There are privacy laws in place that prevent that, which Blizzard adheres to.

The ID is used to verify that you are the registered user on the account, it must be unaltered, but as soon as it is used it is deleted from our system.


No, because that wouldn’t be compliant with GDPR rules. While applying primarily to EU folks, we as a company still follow those practices, not to mention other US and State laws around data.

I’d recommend reading the documentation that is out there if you have concerns. Legitimate companies wouldn’t violate those rules as the fines for doing so are hefty. So no, we aren’t saving any of the information that is on your ID nor are we saving the image of your ID anywhere in our systems after it has been used to verify who you are.


Thank you Vrak, but i’m not sending any personal documentation into a gaming company :man_shrugging:. I don’t see how knowing my eye color helps in verifying who I am, when all you should have on file is my name and address anyhow.

Totally up to you.

They need the unaltered ID to prove you ARE the person who matches the registered name on the account.

Here is the article on it and what they do with the ID afterwards. Federal, CA state, and EU laws regarding PII are very strict and fines (and legal actions) are massive if they violate those laws.

EDIT - something important for anyone who does submit an ID for anything via computer or phone. Remember to delete it from your own devices when done!


It isn’t about knowing your eye color, Omerta, though I don’t see how protecting that at all keeps anything safe, it’s about having access to an unaltered legal form of identification to verify that you are the registered user on the account.

I’m sorry if you feel that company that has been around for 25+ years, that abides by all the various data protection laws, of which California’s are pretty strict, is some how a risk.


You don’t talk to anyone. You do what the ticketing system demands, or you choose to be a former customer.


That’s the key word.

Once legal identification is altered, it’s neither legal nor identification.

I do understand though - there are companies out there I wouldn’t trust to make dog food, much less handle my ID. I do trust Blizzard, but it’s totally up to you.


At the bottom of every page of the forums, there is also a link to Blizzard’s privacy policy.


As an additional anecdote, when I worked as a GM for a battle royale game, when we asked our customers to send in PII, as soon as we closed the ticket it was deleted from our systems. We only see it for the duration we need to verify the account. I’m pretty sure that Blizzard’s the same.