Unable to restore a deleted character on Wotlk Classic

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I’m currently trying to restore a lvl 60 deleted rogue I had on Faerlina from classic. I transferred all of my characters off the realm a while ago, except for the rogue which is still in the deleted section for the realm, but everytime I try to restore it, it gives me an error. I submitted a ticket for it, but I have no idea when I might get a response.

I found a post from a couple months ago that said I could restore a character even on locked realms without having a character on it but I can’t do that, so idk if there’s something else I need to do or what.
Restoring a Character on a Locked Realm - #46 by Bocachula-earthfury (Post in question, with a CM response confirming this)

Unfortunately the post you linked is from nearly two and a half years ago, not a few months.

With Classic realms that are locked - unless you have existing characters on that realm, you cannot restore a deleted one until they choose to unlock the realm. Since they got locked down, I’ve yet to see any exceptions given. Only Devs can unlock the realms and we’ve not seen any ETA given for that. They’ll unlock them at some point, we just don’t have any idea when that will be.


Ah, damn it, I missed where it said 2020 on that post. Thank you for the response. Hoping a GM can help me, but not gonna hold me breath with it. Guess I just won’t play that rogue :confused:

Alas, Customer Support is a forum for players to assist other players. There are no GMs on this forum, nor are there Devs. Trust me, if you only knew how many people have come here in your same situation over the past month or so. That’s why I mentioned that I’ve yet to see anyone granted an exception. You are certainly allowed to submit a ticket if you’d like but (a) go in with very low expectations and (b) ticket times right now are off the chain. It may take a couple of weeks before you receive a response from it.

You can also keep an eye on this thread too. They are updating it when they open realms or make any changes to what’s what with the locks and restrictions.


Why doesn’t that surprise me lol, sure would be nice if they would actually put at least one GM or something to try and help out, but I guess that is wishful thinking. I got my hopes up when I saw that post I had linked and hoped I was just messing something up. Kind of frustrating that I can’t restore a character on a locked realm without an existing character there, I’ve obviously played on the realm before since I have a deleted character, don’t even have to let me log into the character, just let me restore it so I can transfer it, but I guess that is asking to much.
I’ll try a ticket but have little hope with it, will be surprised if I even get a response at this point in time. I’ll also keep an eye on the thread you linked about realm updates.

Thank you again for the help!! :heart:

You are most welcome! I’m sorry it’s not better news. I’ve been hoping to start seeing some easing of the restrictions as time goes on, but nothing as yet. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you guys impacted by the locks.

And funnily enough, this forum is actually the only one that has no staff that comes here outside of our SFAs. CMs and Devs and the like all collect data from every other forum, but this one is particular for being heavily moderated but not really staffed outside of moderation and the SFAs acting in a ‘help/info-desk’ fashion. And GMs, those you can only get to through tickets right now. Even Live Chat has been temporarily disabled due to the crazy ticket times.

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Thank you! I hope the restrictions will be lifted soon since it seems that there are no queues on any of the big servers anymore. Will definitely be watching that update forum a like hawk for any changes.

Wow, really?! That seems so backwards, it doesn’t make sense lol. Though honestly, I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that much at this point with Blizzard, seems like everything they do with this type of thing is backwards. I would think this would be the forum you would want to keep at least a couple GMs and such on to help people, but guess they feel differently. Hopefully it changes soon.

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The name of this forum is a constant issue, trust me on that!

Our SFAs have been trying to do what they can, especially helping folks clear out mailboxes and such so that they could take advantage of the free transfers. Just in something so small as that, they easily helped negate over a thousand tickets that people would have had to wait on otherwise. But unfortunately, people do have to wait for GMs for a lot of stuff. And us nerds who hang out here on the regular help a great deal too. While we can’t get into peoples’ accounts to fix things, we do help get folks directed to the proper places, answer what questions we can, share all the crazy things we’ve seen or fixes we’ve learned of over time so that people aren’t stuck waiting on tickets if we can help it. :slight_smile:

There’s a hierarchy for handling problems within most IT organizations.

At Blizzard, the devs tell the GM,s what issues they can address and how to resolve them. GM’s produce metrics regarding what they have done which, along with QA, let the devs know what the current problem areas are.

In the past GM’s had more latitude but, Fixing a given issue quite often caused additional problems for the end user.
So GM’s evolved to address an issue only after the Devs had sanctioned that a given solution wouldn’t break other things (at least theoretically). Often much more time needs to be put in for some issues to verify that the fix hasn’t broken something else that the actual time need to create the fix.

I don’t know of any significant IT organization that lets just anyone address problems that without managing the workflow involved and the people doing that work while collecting the metrics needed to just make their product better.

The Support Forum Agents (blue posters) in this forum, along with the forum regulars, serve as sort of a help/information desk to assist players by directing them to the ticket categories most appropriate for their issue and to relay what the current status of that issue’s resolution may be.

Ultimately, having GM’s here would be used by folks to jump to the head of the line in front of others who reported their issue first.

Recently, for the first time in my memory, the SFA’s here were allowed to clear out mailboxes that were preventing transfers due to the exceptionally high volume of tickets.
Mailbox clean-out was very low hanging fruit. Didn’t take much time at all compared to typical issues that would go to a GM. Even then, the SFA’s worked their butts off for 2-3 weeks in addition to performing their regular duties.


In this case the lock is hard coded so the GM’s can’t go around it. The Devs have to either lift the lock restrictions, or change the coding for the lock to allow deleted chars to be restored.

That is not something a GM can help with though. It is on the Devs to lift the lock when server populations hit the right metrics. It is not that the GMs don’t want to help. They do. They simply can’t though.

Same goes for a lot of the other hard coded cooldowns and such on things. GMs can’t go around those.


Yeah not a good idea - will cause a lot more problems, for you.

So, why oh why, did you click on delete AND the confirmation window?


You are paying for access to the servers, which you have.

You are not paying for access to any particular server or character.

I understand you are frustrated by the consequences of your actions, but they are the consequences of your actions.

If you choose to commit credit card fraud by doing a chargeback, the consequences of that are on you as well. Like or not, you’ve been given what you paid for and you will be committing fraud by doing a chargeback.


I hate to point out the obvious but this happened because you deleted your character, not because they’re not letting you restore it.

I’m generally sympathetic but come on dude, you did this to yourself.


Until you change your mind and want to play again. Blizzard is going to want those chargebacks repaid before they unlock your account (and it will most definitely be locked), and they’re not going to trust you enough to let you to put it on the card.

But… you’re gonna do what you’re gonna do, so go wild. Good luck with all that.