Unable to get to pass loading realm list screen. Singaporet

Since this morning I can’t get to my server (frostmourne).

  • Logging in from Singapore. Been playing for year from this location
  • Tried VPN to US, it is fine, I can enter the realm, but I get high ping 900+
  • Tried VPN to Australia, it is fine. , I can enter the realm, but I get high ping

Can someone from tech from Blizzard take a look?

THis is bettter off in tech support where they can help trouble shoot.

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I am having a similar issue with TBC Classic Server, Remulos. I managed to login now but it’s high latency (4200ms). Something is definitely wrong. either with the servers or the connections in between.

check out this thread where more people are facing the same issue: Error code wow 51900319
p.s. fixed link


From Singapore. I can’t login too.

There isn’t anyone here who really can. Customer Support is a forum for players to help other players. There are no GMs or Devs here.

What you’ll want to do is edit your original post and change the forum to Tech Support so it can be seen by folks who CAN help.

Good luck to you and others having this issue.


still can’t log in. error 51900319 and im from Malaysia :kissing_heart:

Same problem is occurring again 30/05/22

Please fix this

Yes, problem is reoccurring on 30/05/22. It’s regional issue, not ISP or personal connection.

Same but in Retail. In the instances that I could log in, latency was unusually high (1k+). Player from Jakarta Indonesia with FirstMedia ISP.

forstmourne. Having same issue. location in Singapore using starhub

same, was kicked out from the game. the latency become so bad. 385ms/4000ms. barthilas. from singapore too using myrepublic.

Howdy y’all,

We have received similar reports from other players in this region and this appears to be some kind of routing problem happening in the area which may affect multiple ISPs. Some players have had lucking using a free VPN which can route around the problem. In the mean time, the best thing to do would be to contact your ISP to have them investigate the problem from their side.

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