Unable to create topics is some forums

(Bravado) #1

why? what?

(Darthwraith) #2

Do you have a active subscription thats usualy the culprit.

(Bravado) #3

yes, but i did renew yesterday.

(Darthwraith) #4

Try logging in and outa the forums to force a reset see if that works sometimes changing password works 2.

(Bravado) #5

that worked, thanks big guy

(Darthwraith) #6

Np sometimes it takes awhile for the system to update.

(Kakurine) #7

So you need an active sub? Or just time on the account? Are these two different things?

I canceled my sub and only popped back in for the anniversary event. So i have 23 days of time till the account dies again. But i can’t reply or make topics outside of the support forums.

I don’t see anything telling me i am banned or perma silenced. So … bug?

If i am silenced then at least tell me blizz.

(Thundertotem) #8

nope, having an active sub mean you have time on your account. It’s just a payment method

(Thundertotem) #9

Have your tried logging out of the site and back in again, like Darthwraith suggested. It might take a few tries.


Just for clarification, if you were silenced or otherwise suspended from the forums, you wouldn’t be able to post anywhere. That you can post at all is a clear indication that you aren’t currently penalized. :slight_smile:

If you have game time on the account, your forum log in may just need to be refreshed, which is why we recommend logging out and in.

(Kakurine) #11

Yep it didn’t fix it. Heck last time i logged out then back in it goofed up and couldn’t find my toons at all. Till repeating multiple times. Which still won’t let me post outside of the support forums.

(Thundertotem) #12

When was the last time you did it?

(Kakurine) #13

I want to say a week ago? I think. Lol

(Thundertotem) #14

You might want to try again…

(Kakurine) #15

Good news everyone

Relogging worked. Guess it was just acting buggy. Thank you kindly for the assist.

(Thundertotem) #16

good to hear. :grin: