Unable to change wow forum character

Bump cause same


Still can’t.

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I’ve noticed several similar threads on this forum. Some say they don’t have all their characters showing. I have mine showing, but clicking on them does nothing.

Is anyone even working on this problem?


I have this same issue too. I’ll click but the website registers no feedback.


Exactly the same problem I’m having. The problem occurs running on Android (Edge)and my PC win 7 (chrome)

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I have had and currently have this problem with my Chrome browser but not my Edge browser.
EDIT: Both on PC

still having this issue on my end with no answer yet

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Interesting. I use FIrefox. I had this issue a while back, but it resolved without me doing anything. (I assumed Blizz did something on their end, but I have no real idea.) Since it cropped up again, I keep hoping for another miracle cure.

Same issue here. Using Firefox.

Same here, using firefox. I got a name change recently too, so my forum character doesn’t even exist.

Same bug, clicking “Change character” brings up the window, but clicking characters in it does nothing at all. Using Chrome 86.0.4240.198.

I did, however, find that if I open the Change Character window, and then spam click on the toon I want, it usually actually does work within 20-30 clicks. So I guess that’s a workaround?

I still have this problem, this is an old character and i’m stuck on it, lol

Have you tried the spam-click workaround I posted above? It worked for me, had to click it a bunch for a few seconds, but eventually it went through.

Greeting everyone,

For players who are experiencing issues with missing characters, can you please try follow our steps in our new troubleshooting guide?

Thank you

This isn’t about missing characters, Maguthul. It’s about being unable to change characters (on the forums, not in-game). I can see all of my characters in the Change Character dialogue, it’s just clicking them doesn’t do anything unless I spam-click the character I want like 20 or 30 times.

Hi Xaedys,

My understanding was that some players were experiencing an issue with missing characters, in addition to the issues you described. Thanks for the clarification to this thread.

Could you try a troubleshooting step for me? I know that the two issues may seem unrelated, but if you (and others) could please follow the troubleshooting steps from the post I linked, for a character that you cannot change to, and see if that makes a difference, that could be very helpful.



Logged out of forums. Logged into my DH in-game. Logged out and closed WoW client (if it matters, I used Esc -> Log Out -> Back (on the character select screen) -> Exit, rather than Esc -> Exit Game). Logged back into forums.

Firstly, I notice that for the first time in a while, the forums retains my DH as my posting toon instead of reverting to my alliance hunter like it usually does. Changing characters is still a bit finicky, though. At first, I thought it was the same thing where I had to click a bunch, but it appears that the site is just sorta slow about it.

When I click another character (any other character, even though I only logged into and out of my DH while logged out of the forums), it does work, but it takes about 8 seconds before the website seems to register the click and reloads with the new character selection, and in that time the interface gives no feedback that the click was accepted and that it’s processing anything.

It appears like it previously did, where the click didn’t do anything. I only noticed that it did actually reload off the first click because I went to take a screenshot, and by the time I’d gotten the screenshot, it had registered it and changed.

Edit: also, tangentially related, any chance we could see that character window sorted somehow? Ideally by either character name or play time. I know there’s a filter, but it’s weird to see characters near the top that I literally only created to be able to give pets to an alliance-side friend of mine.

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Thank you for trying the troubleshooting steps! I’m happy to hear that it appears to have had some impact. However, there is certainly some additional feedback in there that is valuable to us as well.

I apologize that I cannot give a firmer commitment or additional information at this time, but again I appreciate the additional information you’ve provided.

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Oh, I know very well the nature of software debugging. Please don’t hesitate if there’s anything else or any other info I can provide here.

Still having this issue.