Ulduar buffs effectively killed non-paladin tanks

When Ulduar was buffed to account for the ilvl buffs it effectively killed non-paladin tanks for many many guilds unless they were very lucky with drops. Paladins are just the safe choice even though they do not have the threat output or cooldowns of a DK, the mobility of a warrior, and the flexibility and utility of a druid. Ardent defender is just too good for buffed content. Some of us invested everything into DKs since they would have been very strong over even paladins in non-buffed content. This isn’t a private server, nothing should have been changed. If they wanted Ulduar to last longer they should have just extended the phase. Now we see more and more guilds running paladin main tanks and DKs being forced into DPS roles because of 1 ability being far too strong. Prot paladins need to either be nerfed or the other 3 need ardent defender baked into their talents.


Weird my DK tank is doing just fine.


Skill issue.


Your guild clearly has a paladin MT.

Yes it’s skill to have an auto cheat death negating the massive increase to damage under circumstance of no hard mode loot drops.

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Isn’t Ardent Defender on a cooldown in retail? It’s not automatic IIRC.
That might be what they end up doing to nerf it (though the non-auto portion should remain, albeit weakened since other tanks have that ability as well).

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All tanks are completely viable for Ulduar 10,25 normal and HMs at the moment.

Prot Paladin has an edge over other tanks which is mostly because of a talent name Ardent defender. There is absolutely no problem with a class have an edge like that. I rather have a unique and fun game to a balanced but boring one that has no class identity and everything feels the same.


You can’t have an ability that literally has no limit to it. No cooldown comes close to a guaranteed get out of jail free card. When it is off cooldown it gives the paladin an infinite EH.

Reading up on AD and it says there is a 2 minute cooldown on the auto-trigger.
Maybe raise it to 5 minutes?


Wrong it has a 2 minutes CD.

It also permanently reduces damaged taken for 20% while below 35% hp. so it has limits. But yes it’s a strong talent.

I till don’t see any problems here.


Not enough. It will still be way OP. It needs to either be an ability that you use or act as a shield absorbing damage equal to the paladin’s health. It can’t be left where it can absorb 100k damage and heal the paladin for 20% of their health. That is not a tank cooldown, that is a god mode cheat.

And other tanks only get the damage reduction. All other cooldowns are abilities that must be used and can easily result in a death on fights like thorim, algalon, mim, etc. Nothing else cheats death and heals instead.

So what do you propose to give paladins to compensate for the loss of AD?
If they are worse at threat, moblity and flexibility/utility than all the other tanks, what is the point of bringing the prot after your proposed nerf?
You’re making it seem the only good thing about prot is AD and you want to remove it from them.
I think making it an active cooldown would solve a bunch of issues because then the pally has to make the split-second decision to pop the CD and possibly waste it.
Skill would then be involved if it’s not a passive ability.

Other classes have “get out of jail free cards” that fit their theme. Pally with holy light magic has very one-sided skills in general. Divine Shield, Divine Intervention, Lay on Hands… These are all very matter of fact 0-100 type skills. The other tanks have heal proc skills or talents that can theoretically get them out of danger. They are just not as simple as Paladin’s clear cut, death to life skill. Druid for example can crit and heal + blood drain weapon enchant at low health.

Not even close. You can pop IBF on plasma blast and still be dead. You take a bad rng hit on Thorim even with every cooldown popped on a DK(supposedly the highest EH tank) and you are still dead. Without the cheat death all of those abilities can be leap frogged. Paladins had what the other tanks have in TBC and they had the same risks. Now they can go with reckless abandon since nothing can kill them. There are plenty of videos showing paladins solo tanking fights that have major mechanics requiring tank swaps for everyone else.

They already have the strongest taunts, extremely strong aoe threat, the ability to block, divine guardian, LoH, sacred shield, extremely powerful buffs, shield to drop debuffs… There are still tons of reasons to bring a paladin. They do not need to be so absurdly strong at tanking buffed content. We shouldn’t even have buffed content. And with it buffed they absolutely should have tweaked all of the tank classes to not push paladins so much higher. This is the exact reason many of us don’t play private servers, it’s bland and boring when one class is this over powered. Infinite EH is too much when it actually matters.

where do u get flexibility as a druid tank… we have like 2 cds… Problem is pallies have no drawbacks like all other tanks have and have had in the past. Blizzard completely effed up classic. Has to be give and take in a rpg. Currently pallies do the best aoe threat/best survivability/ and their single target threat is way higher than what it should be

You have to gear out your pala tank and have tight comms for dsacs and hand of sacrifices etc. Some fights are designed with the tank dying in mind like Iron Council. You have Soulstones and battle resses. It is not in the paladin’s fantasy to rely on soulstones.

Blizz literally added a weapon enchant to Ulduar with druids and warriors in mind.

u mean the one that cost like 5k in mats?

??? Blood draining is some abyss crystals, a scarlet ruby, and some greaters I think.

That’s a potential downside of making things harder…

People want/need to min/max their compositions more in order to clear the content.

All of the tanks are viable, but people tend to aim for the ones that are “best.”

Same thing with the DPS. Rets would have probably been fine in representation on harder fights if Blizz had not done pre-nerf Ulduar, which made their low DPS a potential liability, which then led to the buffs to compensate.