Tyrande got her revenge

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(Drahliana) #2

It’s simple. Blizzard clearly says that “We hoped you all enjoyed your Tyrande moment as that’s it.”



This is… real? I cant even do anything but laugh now. What a joke.

(Shivallah) #4

I mean, she got her revenge rather indirectly in that the Horde is once again eating itself due to systemic evil and incompetent elements. Take what solace you can in that, I guess?


Tyrande’s revenge was killing one val’kyr and Darkshore ending up in a never ending back and forth with no actual character development?

Shadowbringers can’t come fast enough.


I was holding out hope that we’d at least get one questline involving Tyrande and the night elves getting a clear victory over the Horde in Darkshore, but I’ve lost all hope. I really can’t believe this.

(Taalva) #7

GW2 has the next episode of their living season out now and early access for Elsweyr is this month.

Just sayin…

(Moonweaver) #8

Just as planned.


Oh, so Blizzard is waging war against hope.

I can see why Steve Danuser is so into it.


I’m so done.


I could never stay interested in GW2 long enough to play any of the previous episodes. ESO is only slightly different because I do need to dedicate time to doing the Morrowind expansion because Morrowind.

Regardless I’m sure either of these stories wouldn’t hurt me this bad.

(Tilgath) #12

Nathanos mocking her and laughing in her face, accomplishing his goal of raising her fallen people into undeath, then escaping on the glowy wings of a val’kyr = Tyrande getting her vengeance.

Yeah. Sure. Okay.


At least we get to see more of Nathan.

…#%ck this game.

(Ganrel) #14

There’s really got to be someone with a lot of pull in Blizzard, who just passionately hates the Night Elves, and has for a long time.

(Taalva) #15

Gameplay aside GW2 story is miles and miles and miles better than WoW

(Grandblade) #16

You guys remember how Tyrande’s ascension literally used ingame models with busted emotes? Yet Saurfang gets four beautifully crafted cinematics for himself.

(Moonweaver) #17

And the very bad one isn’t even in game.


I actually prefer GW2 classes and combat in many ways. It’s not for everyone, that’s true tho.

(Taalva) #19

Gw2 along with ESO and FFXIV are my MMOs now.

I love Gw2 especislly how sonetimes brutelly difficult it is


Come on man.

That budget had to go into the cinematic team to perfectly model Thrall’s huge, sweaty, bear chest and that glorious mane.