Tyr Quest Continuation

So it looks like after doing the Tyr quest, the follow week starts a new one.

Tyr has doubts about his future and purpose, while Travard believes that Tyr and the Guard were revived for a reason. Portergauge, whose tweets are within the article, believes that the Tyr’s Guard is what will lead to paladins to becoming an available class for the playable other races.


Reject human potential-holy light-lukewarm Tyr centrism.

Embrace the Bringer of the Sun An’she, Loa of Kings Rezan, Loa of Tigers Shirvallah, Duneblessed wisdom, and Sin’dorei self-reliance.


Did this on PTR an hour or two ago. It’s just a single quest as the article/twitter thread show, not a lot to it. I’m assuming it’s just going to lead into paladins being available to all races because some of the paladin NPCs are talking like that.

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Glad that its still going. Tyr’s Guard questline has been fairly interesting. Better than most of the new lore we got this expansion. Im also glad that the old tyr’s guard order wasn’t forgotten after Legion.

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I saw the traitor Daelas Moonfang during the Amirdrassil ceremony and now this… Night Elves are going to be indoctrinated by Humans on how to properly worship the Holy Light!
I’m sure many Night Elves would join Moonfang in believing how the teachings of the Sisterhood of Elune is inferior to the teachings of Humans and they Light.

Not sure if serious or not. :thinking:


Guilty of exageration but the idea remains. I’m still upset with Daelas Moonfang saying Human Paladins are better that the Sisterhood of Elune and switching from a Priestess of the Moon (who are essentially Paladins for Night Elves) to a generic Human Paladin.
Now in those pictures you can see many races but as soon as they get together they are absorbed into your regular Church of Holy Light.
Hope I’m wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised too see the introduction of Night Elves Paladins with a weird excuse pulled out of who knows where but then in the same patch asking Humans to train them so then can be one with the Light just like them.


What got me most concerned is that tyr is… strange. I mean he is acting like none of the things he is getting to know matters to him.

While I,do understand where this come from, that sense of loss and that the world is far too alien for the moment, he still has alot of ppl he knew alive.
The aspects, thorim and ulduar keeps, odyn, he could go and chat with them to catch up things. He seems suspicious for me.
He is being portrait as this grand good guy but something is a miss.
Or perhaps this is just my mind joking with me cuz I known in 3 expansions time the titans and perhaps all the keepers will have a loot table.


I hope they don’t just go “and all the other races just join the Tyr’s Guard and become paladins” and that’s it. I want all races to get paladins, but I also want them all to have their own unique paladin orders, like the Blood Elf Blood Knights, the Tauren Sunwalkers, or the Zandalari Prelates.


I was thinking the exact same thing. I really hope they add additional race lore to make each paladin races culture unique instead of making all of them under one umbrella. I don’t mind there being some overlap like highmountain being sunwalkers or gnomes following the church of the holy light


I can also orc paladins being apart of the Lok’osh, the orc priest organization.


I am wondering if they might be moving towards having Kaldorei paladins being from an order of the new moon. They have been adding “of the new moon” NPCS following Tyrande throughout 10.2 and it feels like a logical progression to me for Tyrande to formally set them up as a gender neutral holy order that serves under her as the Night Warrior.


I’m little confused about the Tyr’s guard, honestly. Are they worshiping Tyr? The dialog at the end from the troll sort of implies that she and the Lightforged draenei have dropped their former belief systems in favor of Tyr.

Ealier on, the Kul’Tiran waxed on a bit about the Tide-Mother or whatever they’ve got going on in Boralus. I suppose I’m just a little bewildered to Tyr’s role in this new order.

Also Tyr’s responce to the order was kind of funny.

Tyr: Ah. Where’s my Vykrul?
The Squad: It’s been a long time…
Tyr: Ah…Elf, troll and um…Miscellaneous…
Draenei: :dracthyr_tea:


Personally I hope he does not get villain batted. Tyr is designed to be a contrast to Odyn. Can’t have that if both them end up having ulterior motives.

But I do see Blizzard doing that. Considering the fake Tyr twist in God of War: Ragnarok. We know Blizzard loves to copy story beats from other, more successful titles when it comes to narratives. Who knows though, I may be wrong and Blizzard will write Tyr more like the actual Tyr is in GoW: Ragnarok or in actual norse mythology


We know the Light has made a bargain with the enemy of all, who I consider to be the titans. If that’s the case, and since it seems we’ll be going against the titans in TLT, I don’t imagine we won’t be going against Tyr at some point.

Do we though? Should we trust the words of N’zoth? Considering that the light and void are polar opposites.

While he was right about Zovaal, since he tried to warn us about him we can’t trust everything else he says.


I don’t know why the developers would include that line if it’s not foreshadowing for something. Why does Tyr even use the Light? That hasn’t been explained yet.

Have you heard of something called a Red Herring?

The voids whole shtick is that they see a thousands “truths” but do not know which in is the full truth. In contrast the Light only sees one “truth” and believe it is the actual truth.


Have you heard of something called Chekhov’s Gun? Plot devices don’t get introduced to not go unused.

Except that a red herring IS a plot device. Its purpose is to mislead or misdirect the characters and thus the audience. Blizzard knows that people speculate over the lore. So you can assume that they would throw in some red herrings to mislead some of them. I mean there are some Old God whispers that are yet to happen. Let us not forget that Y’shaarj placed a future into Garroshs’ head that never came to pass.