Ty blizz for the policy update

So, am I allowed to advertise for my guild on our main server and other servers? Accepting gold on both servers?


don’t think so, if it’s not a connected server

Unless it’s a connected server, you might get into trouble

So guilds on smaller servers are going to have to move to the bigger servers if they want to earn some gold?

A lot of people want to know and I’m hoping for an answer to this:
It seems like you guys are defining “Boosting communities”, “Organizations” etc as something separate from “guilds / Individuals” —

So while “Boosting Communities” and “Organizations” cannot advertise / advertise cross-realm, “Guilds / Individuals” can –

In other words: Can my guild who is on the realm Illidan advertise that we offer boosts to players on realm Area52, take the gold on Area52, and then boost these people, and then later transfer the gold over in a guild bank - as guilds do already?

It would appear that this would only be disallowed if: Someone who is not apart of the illidan guild does the advertising & holding of gold — But if a player of Illidan Guild does it then it would be acceptable?

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Wait so how do these two statements not conflict? I love the more hardline stance in the link but it seems to contradict this response.

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Yeah, that appears conflicting, although he may be targeting advertisements specifically.

So if I have an alt on Tich for example and I want them to boost my main on Area52, if I go to Tich and request their service and pay using Tich gold, then they should be fine to boost my Area52 toon. Now, if they came onto Area52 and advertised, then that would be an issue.

Also, we need clarification on the meaning of “cross-realm”. I imagine this is more in-line with “realms not in your connected realm group”, I hope, especially since /2 is used for advertising.

Anyone from the CC able to post a response to Kaivax asking for clarification on the potential contradiction and clarification on the definition of cross-realm?

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As I understand it, posting this link should alert the CC OP for that thread?

Can you guys ask clarification between the two conflicting statements as I noted two posts above this one?

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Yeah im down

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Thank you! I appreciate you guys putting the time in to try and help make the game better for all of us!


I explain my case, for a long time my push team and some colleagues played in a not so populated realm, compared to more populated realms, it is difficult for us to face such a high progress, generally what we did was go to a realm populated and offer our boosting service as a team for any key level. Does that mean that we can’t do this?, since between the 4 of us we collected gold and when we could we used a blizzard service either to move a bank or, failing that, we bought things there that we could sell in a not so populated realm. In this way we could face our gold expense either in consumable runes or boes for progression in our realm. It is clear that we advertise in those realms with a low level character, although in the same account we have our high level characters only in the less populated realm.

I would be very grateful if with this new policy, they invite us to move to more populated realms where we can have a more comfortable economy and leave the realms where there is not a good economy. Since if they prohibit us from generating gold in more populated realms through our services, they would force us to migrate to more populated realms.

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Would a trade chat server browser work well for this?

This is what you get when you do a half assessed rule change, tying boost to realms make 0 sense when “realm identity” hasnt been a thing in a long time, maybe for mythic raiding for the first 2-3 months until you can cross realm mythic raid, but you can already do everything else cross realm nowadays, the game has too many dead realms and this change will force even more guilds to swap horde and to the most popular realms.

Could you ask about “guilds” that are cross realm on that Council tread? … I got a bunch of friends from different realms i hang out alot through discord. If any of us, on our boosting beefy characters, happen to find a buyer, we can do it?

So the thing is advertisers can’t be level 10 banks on ghost accounts?

The issue of an unpopulated realm is that there is no economy, there is no supply or demand, that is, to obtain gold the only way would be to obtain the game’s own gold, and a guild that is oriented to be top in its realm does not have time to get gold from the game itself, in this aspect a populated realms or with more gold activity provides the support for a guild to progress, that is, there is no one to collect herbs or ores. Due to this many guilds of unpopulated realms offered their services through the communities and with the gold that the communities moved or even ourselves before the communities existed we could subsist, but by removing this any raid with high progress will want to move a realm populated to subsist. Unless there is a trade channel between realms or you can get the economy from more populated realms to more unpopulated realms. The only way out of the top guilds of unpopulated realms is to move.

Definitely conflicting. I sensed that the intention is for “advertisers” sponsored by a guild should not create toons xrealm solely for the purpose of advertising boosts. However with so many players having migrated throughout their wow careers, like me, they could have toons on several servers. I fully intend to boost whatever I may find but I’d like to find buyers on those realms where I have toons to have a wider network. This is me for myself, my friends (M+), and my guild, not a community. This should be ok, but atm lies in a gray area.

the whole problem is solved by doing away with tokens aww but theres the catch

the tokens have nothing to do with the economy of each realm, that is, a top guild seeks to finance its progress with the means it has, in a populated realm it is clear that it will not have a problem since offering its services or even With the “ah” movement of supply and demand, guilds can easily finance their progress with boes. In an unpopulated realm there is no such option as very few people collect herbs or ores and obviously no one buys services from the game itself whether it be raid boosts or mythic+, not even boes, although the demand for consumables still exists, a progression guild Mythic that raids 4 hours a day in a populated realm has the same needs as a guild that raids 4 hours a day in an unpopulated realm. By removing the cross realm option for guilds that offer their services, it is clear that guilds will migrate to populated realms. I myself would go to a populated realm with my guild.

Today many unpopulated realms subsisted thanks to this economy, with this change it will be time to migrate as happened with the alliance and the horde.

Thank you Blizzard for a harder stance on boosting services. This change was long overdue and has been nothing but toxic for the gamer community. One step in the right direction!


Now all we need is an anti-cheat update.

There’s kids using low tier cookie clicker autoclickers to automate TSM down in booty bay. If you gank the AH NPC there, they keep on clicking where the NPC is supposed to be. As I speak there are two AH bots who got baited by the Aspirant’s Stretcher toy and are now stuck on top of crates clicking empty space. They’ve been there for hours now. On top of that, three different toons separate from those two kept clicking on the Infested Arachnid Casing toy when placed over the location of said NPC. That’s 5 AH bots detected just through toy shenanigans in half a day.

Here’s an example video of the clown show from the other week (target of target):


Sounds like something President Nixon would say… “Well, when the president does it, that means that it is not illegal”

Kind of ironic the President of this company does the same thing.