Twitch Drops? WoW DF promotions

What’s happening with gaming? Overwatch 2 only free cosmetic reward during this halloween event is a twitch drop…I can imagine that DF launch will have a mount/pet.

Why a Twitch Drop when you can do a questline?

That should be the feedback to these quest designers, They should do questline for players to enjoy or misteries like some previous mounts/pets puzzles.

If you’re going to do Twitch Drops, please just put 50k gold in there, something that doesn’t have a meaningful value…

At least the last promotion from Classic brought a lot of players to re experience another game via actual gameplay.

IMO, Twitch Drops is a bad approach for cosmetic rewards, I’ll just pick a stream and mute it, but I won’t remember it as something meaningful


Spectral Tigers for everyone.


WoW being on the top of twitch is a good thing for ads unfortunately this will be a common marketing scheme every expansion if it works well according to the people at blizz.

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I hate stuff like this, it feels so sleazy to compel your customers to go somewhere and do something they wouldn’t ordinarily enjoy just so you can inflate some participation metrics or meet your end of some affiliate deal.

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I don’t understand the point of Twitch drops.
“We’re giving you an incentive to not play the game and instead watch someone else play it by giving you in-game items.”


You don’t understand…advertising?

Three Twitch drops, three old cash shop mogging helms.

To be fair, advertising is more about bringing in new customers, not taking the customers you already have and encouraging them to go somewhere else lol


I hope not. I have 2 of the 3. Didn’t want the third. Got them when they first came out. Don’t even use them

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What do you think Twitch is? It’s an advertisement platform. The more people you have watching, the more exposure you have to your product. Overwatch is running 6 consecutive events to get as many people watching OW2 as possible, and it’s working.

That’s not the point of them. The point is:

“Were giving you in-game items for watching a bit of specific streamer’s content and promoting our community streamers”

As in…trying to give them more viewers as well for potential future interested watchers. Most won’t watch but that’s ok…some liking their content is better then nothing.

So season 1 starts Dec. 13th? I wish it was in January…not a fan of it starting near the holidays.

They always avoid the holidays…weird they are doing this knowing full well xmas is around the corner and many will cancel xmas plans and family plans for wow all december.


I’m well aware of what Twitch is, getting WoW players to go over there ever so briefly to get some cosmetic reward is more about Blizzard fulfilling their end of some type of deal that they have with Twitch, someone’s getting paid for getting us to go over there and sign up, it isn’t about advertising anything to us per se.

There is this thing called a second monitor and/or audio only mode.

Only blizz gets the holidays off (aka why they were never going to launch expansion in the 3rd and 4th weeks of Dec plus first week of January). It’s on you if you want to play then.

I’d prefer new commercials like

Maybe with Henry Cavill :star_struck:


Those were the days.

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This just injects a lot of raw gold into the game and results in inflation similar to wod-legion tables.

They’re not going to put 30-80 million gold mounts in as Twitch drops. :dracthyr_comfy_sip:

It’ll be just during 3 drops, it’s not a permanent feature, I’d prefer any toy, pet, mount in game via some gameplay. And it was the only good example of something that a lot of players won’t care too much compared to other rewards