Twitch Drop

I never received the Dragon Kite pet through the recent Twitch drop. Twitch says I earned and claimed it but it never showed up in-game. My pet journal shows it as unearned. I’m a little worried I will have an issue with the Fel Drake mount coming up. and Twitch are linked.


Did you change your password at any point? That breaks the Twitch link.

No, link was still active (and I didn’t change password).

This wasn’t that helpful. I already went through this, I earned the drop and claimed it but it never showed up on my account. My guess is that there is an issue if you have multiple accounts linked to a single account.

I only use/play one account now but I do have a few other accounts linked to the same account that are inactive. Perhaps the reward got credited to one of the inactive accounts? I didn’t have an option to specify which account to use.


It applies to the Battlenet-level not WoW account-level. Any WoW account can claim it. I have two NA licenses and one EU license. I was able to claim it on both my main NA account and my EU account. It doesn’t even need to have current game time on it. You just need a character level 20 or lower to log in on and claim the pet. That’s what I did on my EU account.


Good to know! So I don’t know what the issue is then. Twitch is showing it as claimed but I never received it in game. Overwatch drops work fine so I know the connection between Twitch and works.

Hi! Were you able to resolve? I was able to claim the Feldrake last night, but I still have not received the Dragon Kite Pet… I followed their steps to make sure everything is good, obviously it is because I got the mount, but no pet :(.



Yes, a GM was able to send me the pet in the mail.

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did you open a ticket or something cause all of my tickets keep getting auto closed :\


I’m having the very same issue/dread!
I received the mount right away. I haven’t altered anything in between the two giveaways, did both first day and still no Dragon Kite.

I’ve finally opened up a ticket about it but with so many new Dragon Isle tickets they are seeing I have a tiny scare that this is too minuscule of a problem for anyone to bother over. :grimacing:

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Same problem here for the Feldrake. Twitch shows it claimed. Never got it. Got the code for the pet and that worked fine.


I am experiencing the same issue. I was able to claim the Dragon Kite & Ichabod pet just fine. After I watched and claimed the Feldrake I have not received it yet. It is just shy of 24hours since I have claimed the Feldrake.

Same boat with the Feldrake mount, if you send a ticket atm you’ll end up getting an auto response a few hours later not resolving the issue.

I haven’t gotten my Feldrake yet either, Its been nearly 24 hours for me since I claimed it.

Thank you! I will do the same then :slight_smile:

Take care and happy adventuring!

it took some people up to a week to get their kites.

it’s not worth going into a panic just because the drake hasn’t instantly arrived.

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over 24 hours here…no sign of the Feldrake :frowning:

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Chiming in to say I too have not got the feldrake and its been 26 hours since I claimed it.

Got the kite last time no issues, didn’t change password or unconnect my accounts. twitch drops page shows its earned and the claim button is now a checkmark. Hoping they might tell us if there is expected backlog on it showing up or something.

I waited over a day to make sure and I know to check the mounts tab for the gift to open, nothing yet.

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over 30 hours later I still don’t have the mount. I got the kite pet and ichabod almost immediately. The “troubleshooting” guide doesn’t cover what to do when the info doesn’t apply to you.

Even if the actual answer is to just wait longer. Literally any amount of info would be nice