Twinks in their separate Q's - Don't let them get away with this


I do support our own queues, provided the necessary adjustments are made to improve queue times. It’s in another major twink thread, but some of those adjustments include letting us play matches with smaller teams (for example, 5 v. 5), and/or bringing back war games so we can organize matches within our own faction. Blizzard could also bring back rated BGs in lower brackets, which they removed because they didn’t like twinks earning gladiator titles and mounts (of course, the solution here would’ve been to simply prevent twinks from earning these rewards, instead of eliminating the option completely). Another option is to let us queue normally, but prevent us from queuing in groups (i.e. eliminating twink premades).

Twinks are aggravated because Blizzard has, time and time again, taken the laziest path when it comes to addressing complaints about twinks. Moreover, arguments against twinks are wildly inconsistent. We’re “ruining” BGs, but don’t even have enough players to support our own queues. We only want to pick on lowbies, but when we propose improvements that would make a separate queue viable, those proposals completely ignored. Low level BGs are, allegedly, such an important part of the game that players will unsub if twinks are included, but when we propose balancing low level PvP or allowing greater customization within the queue system, the argument quickly turns to why Blizzard shouldn’t waste resources on irrelevant content.

I know other 110s that are waiting up to four hours in queue to play a single match against other twinks. Some are getting a couple games per day. That doesn’t sound remotely like something they would do, if they only played to grief others.

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One twink in a 10v10 is enough to mess up the balance. That one guy one shotting all 10 enemies while the 9 of his teammates do the objectives, strolling to an easy victory.


I have never been able to one-shot anyone, in any bracket, nor have I ever been one-shot by a twink. Nor are twinks carving through ten people at a time, unless its a team missing tons of slots and decked out in whites. These are literally non-existent problems.

Oops. Posted on my rogue (which is 115, not 59? Man, someone needs to get on updating the armory).

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I was extrapolating. But if it wasn’t an issue, they would not have separated them…


Twink premades were absolutely a problem, and arguably the main problem. Lone twinks can’t determine the outcome of a game, unless there are very, very serious deficiencies in gear on the other side.

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As intended:

Want to play with everyone else? Don’t twink. Want to twink? Play in your own sandbox. That’s all.


Fine with me. Give us an actual sandbox, though - let us play on smaller teams, and bring back war games and rated BGs.

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I don’t know why this is so shocking to you. This happens every time anyone gets nerfed, anytime someone gets banned for hacking, anytime they change the drop rates because one farming spot was just a little too good… That’s just Blizzard doing their job and making sure the game is fair to everyone.


I don’t twink, but I think Blizzard is slowly killing the game with each and every stupid decision they continually make as time goes on. If you want to show dissatisfaction with the game, talk with your wallet; don’t stay subscribed.

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I think something that is being largely overlooked in this thread is the reason twinks are getting put in their own queue now. The bg templates have been removed. I absolutely believe you when you say you have never oneshot someone during the template era, the templates made that virtually impossible.

However, now that the templates are gone that would definitely be possible. Twinks have historically had a lot of one shot potential and that would most definitely return without the templates in place.


I also mean post-template. My eye-beam is the closest I’ve ever gotten to a one-shot, but its an ability that hits multiple times, has a very long CD, and almost never finishes the job. One-shots just don’t happen, unless the opposing team is close to naked (which also doesn’t happen).

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Tomayto - Tomahto. You say stupid decision, I say this is literally keeping me from cancelling my sub. 100% honest here, I was bored with BfA and I was going to let my account expire until classic came out… but leveling in BG’s has always been my favorite thing in WoW and now that twinks are gone I can do that again.


It’s really hard for me to feel bad for people who twink exclusively simply because it must make leveling in BG’s awful for randoms just wanting to queue up.


I understand that. Don’t pvp at 120, though; it’s the worst pvp balancing I’ve seen in an expansion to date.

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Let’s say you own a restaurant with a good location, great food and a nice atmosphere. You operate it for years with great success with a well established customer base that are loyal and enjoy the experience you have provided. But over time, a certain group of people have filtered in regularly and have made that experience become less enjoyable. Your loyal customers dislike this group, for whatever reasons and, over time, began to stop coming to your restaurant because they no longer enjoy the experience. As a result, you see a noticeable decline in patrons. The new group that filtered in are just as loyal, but you feel that their presence has hurt your business overall.
What steps would you take to try and solve this problem? Your goal is to regain the trust of those old loyal customers and get them back in, but you also realize that if you simply were to bar the newer group who “took over”, you’d lose everyone while trying to gain the old clientele back. So. What do you do?
In this case, Blizzard chose to create separate dining room for the newer group. A smaller area, since there are fewer of them, and re-open the main dining room to those old loyal customers to enjoy once again.


That analogy only works if the people seated in the smaller area have to wait four hours for their food, while everyone else waits five minutes. And then when those patrons make recommendations to improve service to the smaller area, they’re told they didn’t really want to eat, but only ever wanted to ruin other others’ restaurant experience…


The point that if you want to be the best you should play a single player game doesn’t need to be proven wrong. It’s just an absurd statement. You thought it was profound, but in reality it’s just idiotic.

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Nope, twinks are too OP and they are far too unfair in bgs. Now if they just made you not able to group up, and do it solo, fine, but it’s not what they did.

FYI think about it this way, twinks go, and people realise that the bgs might actually be fun again, more people join bgs again, or even return to WoW, because let’s face it, many people probably got annoyed because 1 twink alone wouldn’t just die. Therefore the balance is restored. The twinks are just replaced with people who have decided to come back and play the bgs,

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The small room patrons can then talk to each other to make sure everyone is scattered on 1-2 tables instead of 20. That way, the owner of the restaurant will serve faster.

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I mean as in, you guys band together and decide which bracket are gonna be used. Say one bracket is 19 (because no mount), 1 is 59, and one 119. Just an example. Have those brackets more popular so the queue time is faster.