Twilight Highlands

Trying to do the intro quests to go into Twilight Highlands but it seems the quest given by Foreman Gibbs is not available. I’m either missing a quest line or phased out somewhere. Can you please point me in the right direction on what to do?

I’m looking to unlock the portal in Dragonmaw port on my character Wallee.

Wowhead was the 1st place I looked. I had this issue on another toon last year but I forgot how i figured it out. Knowing me, it prolly took me a few days to figure it out.

I think this is the character if on the same server.

Make sure to turn on low level quest tracking.

Indeed it is! I should mention, I grabbed the quest off the command board. Saurfang had no other quests to give me after turn in.

I’ll check back in later, it’s off to work for me!

Eitrigg has the followup to the Warchief’s Command quest, not Saurfang.

If Eitrigg doesn’t have “Machines of War” then you’ve got something causing phasing issues. Keep in mind that just being eligible for certain quests can cause the phase to change, so just abandoning (or never picking up) these quests won’t fix your phasing.

If the character hasn’t done the BfA intro, that’s the first thing to do as that will mess with the Orgrimmar phasing. (You might also need to pick up the Heart of Azeroth. The Earthen Guardian NPC near the Zuldazar Harbor flightpath will have “A Dying World”.)

If you have done BfA stuff, then the later parts of the War Campaign can cause phasing issues as well. You’ll have to finish those up if that’s the case.

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That was it! Thank you for helping me.

Went there doesn’t have Twilight Highlands even on it.