Trying the new forums on mobile

I spend half my time reading the forums from my cell so I wanted to see how different it was. I think it’s going to take more getting used to here then atmy PC but I still thinkit’s a good change overall.

What does everyone else think?


Did you run into any particular challenges or issues? (on mobile)


on my phone it seems has
harder to read.


So far it’s more getting used to changing from posts. The bar on the left is large when it opens but I think that’s more me just being fussy. I’ll get used to it :wink:

Looks a bit busier on my phone but not too bad.

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The key thing to note about the mobile versions is that any advanced formatting may not display correctly on mobile. For example, my Overwatch League match discussion threads where I post a table of the match score looks terrible on mobile.

Also remember Android users can install a shortcut onto their home screen to open a dedicated forum browser instead of going through Google Chrome. (Edit: for some reason the WoW forums don’t seem to have this feature)


Yeah, I think busier is the right term lol

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Still not linked to the wow mobile app.


I am using my iPad to write this, so far I haven’t had any issues, but I had to push “reply” a few times before the box opened.

This time it opened right up.

I agree with this too, I think if you spaced pinned topics from general forums, or at least highlighted the post to have a lot of blue it be fine >.>

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Thanks for the feedback. We can take a look at the mobile layout and pinned topics.


I will have to try it. Do you use tapatalk or just your browser?

Okay better example of what I mean. On PC, the top bar “if you call it that” shows

Forum > general discussion > topic

You can just click on general discussion and get back to GD.

On mobile it only shows


This opens the large side pane that you have to select your forum.

Like i said, it’s not a really big deal and I’ll get used to it but i thought I’d best be more clear on what i meant.


Oh my gosh thank you so much for letting me know!!

I’m just using a mobile browser. I’m kept even sure what the other thing you mentioned is. I guess I’ll hit the app store.

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Yes it is an app. I have never used it with WoW forums and not yet with the new one. I want to give it a try though. Maybe on my ipad would be better though.

It feels a bit weird on mobile. On mobile, like Lillyann said, there’s a top bar that says Forums and when you click on it it’ll pop up the other forms, (Community, PvP, etc) and you’d have to click into Community and then General Discussion.

It’d be nice if the new forums on mobile displayed, “Forums > General Discussion” for easy access back to the forum it’s in instead of having to scroll up back to the top.

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Yeah. It’s only one extra step but you can avoid it on PC.

This will definitely take some getting used to but overall I think I like it. I wish I could give more feedback but this is the first post from my phone. First of many since that’s how I do the bulk of my posting.

The blue tracker. All the posts are on the right side of the screen and the left side of the screen is empty. It’s difficult to read.

All the buttons are super tiny. The like button is about 5% the size it used to be.