Trying the new forums on mobile

The main Issue I’m running into with mobile, is that all the different screens like the post screen, the emoji screen don’t want to scroll up well, but instead the forum replies themselves like to scroll up. Also the Emojis load up something super slow. I have no idea why, but its not my internet which streams Youtube videos without a hitch. Surely Youtube < WoW forum Emoji’s?

Not sure why you crossed that out? I just did it today, it worked for me.

Character profiles could use some work. The font is ugly and it should be separated more from the post. It blends in too much which makes everything cluttered. Just my thoughts.

I almost exclusively use the forums on my Mobile Phone. I am an old man (30) and not very computer savvy.

I havent encountered any major issues. I just had to learn where stuff is and what does what.

If I use the forums exactly like I did before (post words, read words, like posts), it seems the same as before. Except now there is more stuff to do. Links. Emojees. Other stuff.

So while it is startlingly different…it takes getting used to…I see similar functionality as before.

to me this new forum format looks way better in portrait as rendered by mobile firefox. compared to the old format, it’s a lot easier for me to navigae between threads. quoting stuff is annoying the way selecting text works on mobile.

and both my mobile devices are almost toasters in that they lag horribly when tapping on the screen

I’m more worried about the increased data usage
I liked the old forums on my mobile phone as they ate little to no data
Now…? I’m unsure yet, but the new features, embeding videos images gifs and everything else, maybe the expenditure has gone up by 2-3x
Will know by the end of the week/month, but I’d like a data saving option probably, just to be safe.

I guess I’m lucky here, I work in a place with free wifi so I only use my phone via wifi. I have the bare minimum data plan as a result.

I can however understand this being an issue. Do videos auto load here?

Noob forum question, but how does one set this up?

Never mind, I only now noticed that was a reply to someone else. Still getti g used to the new forums myself.

The shortcut on mobile.

Open in Chrome, 3 dot menu, create shortcut.

Loving the new forums and yeah…love it on my cell phone too.
No problems so far.

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I had an issue yesterday with Replying on my cell.

I was replying to something, and to the right, you see a trashcan, and every so often, it would show “saved” or something like that… but when i was done, and i clicked Reply, the Reply dialog wouldn’t disappear.

They take some getting used to, but I think it’s definitely a lot better than it previously was. I think the infinite scrolling works a lot better on mobile than it does on desktop, though. Only issue I’m having is remembering that all of the reply functions are in the 3dot hamburger menu on mobile and not just there, like they are on desktop. Going from forum to forum is a bit trickier than it used to be, though, the side menu on the old mobile iteration was fantastic, and it would be great to see something like that return.

I think there’s an incredible amount of wasted space on the sidebars when using a PC, nearly 1/3 of the screen width has nothing in it. I supposed that’s because Warcraft devs spend all their time on mobile devices though.

Only issue I’ve been running into is having to hit the Reply button two to three times before being able to actually type a reply but that’s it.

for an extended period of time it was not working and I was under the impression they may have disabled it, but yes you are correct it is now working.

Hmm, I’ve not run into that problem myself but I’ll definitely remember this if it happens.

It looks better with phone turned sideways but me not that kind of orc.

I’ve been browsing on my phone for the past few days. This is the first time I’ve tried on my laptop. I find it WAY better.

The infinite scrolling on my phone annoys me. And it just feels weird and clunky… Cant really explain why.

Edit: I should add that my phone is small… I tried on my 10 inch tablet, and it wasn’t so bad. Laptop is still best.