Trust level 3 removed. No actions no reasoning, simply removed

DELETE this. It proved my point. Thank you.

Well, what likely happened here is that they finally fixed the bug where having any recent beta would give you permanent TL3, and you don’t otherwise qualify for it.

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Then they need to communicate that to us instead of treating us like we did something wrong. Sick of how they treat people who PAY THEM. Over it.

The forums isn’t part of the game entry. You pay to play the game, the forums is a perk. And if they wanted to remove TL3, they’re within their right to do such.

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A few things to note.

If you received an account action you can earn back tl3 after 6 months. But you can also have it decay after 100 days if you don’t maintain it. I believe it is known and pointed out in the syntax thread on the general forum.

You might simply be short on posts read in the last 100 days.

If you had a permanent tl3 due to a bug, and a bug is fixed, then that is completely different than you being actioned.

I’m not quite sure what the rest of your post is going on about, with algorithms. If you have specific feedback on how a recent ticket was answered, there will be a survey attached to the ticket.


(post deleted by author)

What automated system? If you mean the ticket system, then I’m not too sure what you need to put in a ticket for.

As you already seem to know, you do not currently have TL3. In most cases it means that we need to read more posts. Find a mega-thread and start scrolling to see if that helps.

It’s possible a blue will pop in here and let you know if there’s something else holding you back from getting TL3.

Losing TL3 is not being “treated guilty”. You don’t have to prove anything either. This also is not something that Customer Support is able to change for you.

Thankfully, it’s just a forum and has zero impact on your ability to play the game.

I get that you’re frustrated. If posting on this forum is that frustrating, then perhaps a slight break wouldn’t be a bad thing!


You are less than 25 topics short of being Viewed, but over 15k topics read.

I’m just getting back from my weekend -but I am gathering decay wasn’t working properly , now it is.

You are correct, you haven’t been silenced or suspended on the forums.


If you are opening an account action appeal because you lost trust level 3, then unfortunately there would not be anything that team could help you with.

Unfortunately there was always a requirement to maintain your trust level, so it decaying over time wouldn’t be something the in game customer support staff can help you with.

A moderator, if there’s one on later can probably clarify what you need to do to regain it if it’s just a read requirements. It will drop off after a rolling 100 days per Discourse, not Blizzard.


(post deleted by author)

It’s not automated. You’re putting in tickets for something that they have zero control over and you are making a simple situation much MUCH more complicated.

Stop putting in tickets. Read Orlyia’s post. You just need to view more topics. That’s it. That’s how you get your TL back.


I give up. I cancelled my account and I will stop posting here. You guys win. Good luck.

Scroll up, if you are on mobile, you probably missed a reply with the type box blocking the posts.

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You put this in as an appeal - NOT a forum appeal. Actually, have it open again in the same incorrect category.

A floor GM is going to take you at your word - and won’t know anything at all about the forums - they are quite literally a perk, as has already been mentioned, not part of the game.


Likely reported due to the amount of misinformation present. At least you were ultimately answered, it’s up to you as to what you can do with the information. If you choose to move along, then good luck with your future endeavors.


There may also be some sort of bugging going around. I just got a notice that said I lost trust level 3, but I’ve never had it to start with, at least that I’m aware of. When I click the notification for more info it is just an endless spinning loading loop.

Edit: never mind I think I just got a weird notification in a different spot than im used to. I think I figured it out.

Along with what kozzae said, deleting your posts soon after can be seen as trying to fish for replys and jumping ship for whatever reason.


I’m actually showing the one you are posting under as a Trust 3, Jeysca.

Now, if it just decayed off - that may be a delay in what I’m seeing.

Are you certain it said lost - and not gained?

It could indeed be buggy.